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  1. Fictional Team Logos

    The Game on BET San Diego Sabers
  2. Name That Font!

    What font is this?
  3. Recolorization Goofiness

    Boston Bruins Throwback Rivalry Montreal Canadians Vs. Boston Bruins
  4. Recolorization Goofiness

    Chicago Cubs with Chicago Bears Colors Houston Astros with Houston Texans Colors Pittsburgh Pirates with Pittsburgh Penguins Colors San Francisco 49ers with San Francisco Giants Colors
  5. Recolorization Goofiness

    Rivals: New England Patriots & Indianapolis Colts Denver Nuggets with Colorado Rockies colors & a little something i call THROWBACK.... i hope yall like it
  6. Recolorization Goofiness

    Toronto Blue Jays.... I intended to create some thing that would resemble the past.... and i also took the past and colored it with the present Pittsburgh Penguins with Pittsburgh Pirates colors Toronto Maple Leafs with Toronto Raptors colors Los Angeles Kings with Los Angeles Lakers colors or you can say there old colors aswell
  7. Recolorization Goofiness

    Arizona Cardinals with Phoenix Suns colors Boston Bruins with Boston Red Sox colors Chicago Bears with Chicago Fire colors Chicago Blackhawks with Chicago Cubs colors Carolina Panthers with Carolina Hurricanes colors New York Rangers with New York Mets colors
  8. Recolorization Goofiness

    At first, I thought these were the Carolina Panthers' colors, which would also look good on this logo. I did make one with Carolina Panthers colors
  9. Recolorization Goofiness

    Washington Wizards with Washington Redskins colors Cleveland Cavaliers with Cleveland Browns Colors Atlanta Hawks with there 1971-'72 color scheme Green Bay Packers with Milwaukee Brewers colors Detroit Lions with Detroit Red Wings colors Baltimore Ravens with Baltimore Orioles colors
  10. Recolorization Goofiness

    i think mine are better sorry!!!
  11. Recolorization Goofiness

    Seattle Seahawks with Seattle Mariners colors Los Angeles Dodgers with Los Angeles Lakers colors Carolina Hurricanes with Charlotte Bobcats colors Minnesota Wild with Minnesota Timberwolves colors
  12. Recolorization Goofiness

    Atlanta Hawks if they still use there colors... which were NICE!!! (They look better in RED BLACK & YELLOW) Denver Nuggets wit Colorado Rockies colors Atlanta Falcons with Atlanta Hawks colors & Atlanta Thrashers Colors New Orleans Saints with New Orleans Hornets Colors Buffalo Bills with Buffalo Sabers colors Dallas Cowboys with Houston Astros colors
  13. Recolorization Goofiness

    Here is the Toronto Raptors with Toronto Blue Jays colors Milwaukee Bucks if they didn't change there colors Charllote Bobcats with N.C. Tar Heels colors Minnesota Timberwolves with Minnesota Wild colors St. Loius Blues with St. Louis Rams colors Philadelphia Flyers with Philadelphia Eagles colors