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  1. Name That Font!

    I'm trying to recreate the logo with the "Green Wave" font. What is it? (Ignore Dover). Thanks!
  2. Name That Font!

    Closest thing to a font I have is Impact. But it's not close enough. From Independence High School , 1989-1990... The Broncos below is the same font as the Patriots'.. (from pro tuff website) They don't have the Patriots which is odd, considering they have the Broncos'. I'm hoping to recreate the Patriots with the right font.
  3. Name That Font!

    Anybody willing to help me with the fonts on the football helmets I posted earlier?
  4. Photoshop Help

    How I do enlarge a simple one color image from 80 pixels wide to 300 pixels wide without losing the sharpness? Here's the image I want to enlarge...
  5. Name That Font!

    A few more... South Mountain 2007 Rincon 2007 Cholla 2006 & 2007 (Both probably are the same font) Buena 2007 Buena 2006 Thunderbird 2007 (It may not be a font. Could be a logo. I think I've seen the T before somewhere)
  6. Name That Font!

    As you probably know from my sig, I run a website of the Arizona High School Helmet Project. I'm pretty good at identifying logos on helmets. But if it's a font, I don't have a clue. Hope you guys with your laser-beam sharp eyes can tell me what are the fonts on the helmets. Hope you can help out. Thanks. Sahuarita 2007 (yellow helmet) Moon Valley 2006 (The MV in the circle of the NFL Titans logo. It's probably too small to see though) Mayer 2007 Marana 2007 Kofa 2007 (It looks like a Red Sox font) Blue Ridge 2006 Ajo 2007
  7. New Bruins jerseys unveiled

    Anybody know what the fonts are? Of the spoked B and the nameplates?
  8. New Football League to go against NFL

    Who cares about UFL? It isn't going to last long. I'm more interested in the All American Football League, or AAFL. I think it's more promising than the UFL and they don't intend to compete with the NFL. It could become a true "minor league" for football. And it's spring football. Requirements for playing football? 4 years college degree. And the league has the support of major college and university presidents. So I'd keep an eye on this one.
  9. San Diego Camoflague

    Here's a couple of links... Marines'.... Army's...
  10. San Diego Camoflague

    The Padres need to update the camo uniforms. The Army and the Marines now have their own new uniforms, the camo patterns are different. I'm sure you noticed it on TV, of soldiers and marines in Iraq. I'll try to find images of the patterns.
  11. NFL "Face of the Franchise" Sigs (formerly Titans Sig)

    Those sigs are sweet! Can you do a dirty version of Maroney?
  12. NFL Blank Team Templates

    Any chance you'll do the Steelers and Patriots?
  13. San Diego Charger Uni changes?

    There's no White separation between the Gold, Powder Blue and Navy Blue... Without the white separation and it looks better.
  14. San Diego Charger Uni changes?

    Upon reading the descriptions of a white helmet with new color scheme of the bolt, but no mention of a facemask color. I think it's going to be navy blue. I did two versions of the new white helmets... The blue facemask... (sorry for the messy bolt, didn't have time to clean it up) And the yellow facemask... You can see the blue facemask is much much better than the yellow. I did this to get a better idea of the helmet on LT. Sorry LT fans, I had to block his head. I think it's an upgrade.
  15. St. Pat's NFL gear

    I admit it's fugly. But being Boston native, it's not surprising. Boston is rich in Irish traditions and lots of Irish descendants. You'd be amazed at how many people wear green Red Sox caps here.
  16. Four color teams

    Dallas Cowboys; white, silver and 10,345 different shades of blue.
  17. Rejected Bucs helmet

    This is cool... I kinda like the skull and the longer flag logo on the white alternate helmet better than the current logo. Who need an image of a football on a helmet? We all know it's a football helmet. The longer flag gives it a sort of 3-D look, like the new Vikings horn on the helmet. It'd look great on the pewter helmet.
  18. Favorite MLB Uniforms

    Red Sox (Can't help I'm biased). Tigers, Cardinals, Cubs.
  19. *New Player Sigs

    This is awesome... Couple of requests please..... Red Sox - Schilling #38, Matsuzaka #18, Beckett #19, Papelbon #58, Wakefield #49 Steelers - Bradshaw #12, Harris #32, Swann #88, Lambert #58, Greene #75
  20. What's your favorite scoreboard?

    Besides the scoreboard, a couple of things really unique about Fenway Park... Johnny Pesky hit 5 of his 8 career home runs around that pole, thus the Pesky Pole. It's where the ball landed after Ted Williams hit the longest home run ever at Fenway, 502 feet in 1946.
  21. Steelers' new uniforms?

    I was reading ESPN's Steelers' board and came upon this... Steelers considering some uniform changes to coincide with the fresh start with Tomlin...A return to the block numerals...the stripe design on the sleeves to be done away with and replaced by plain sleeves, ala Giants (home uniforms) and Raiders...Steeler logo on the chest will also be removed...a small "Steelers" script logo (with the lines through the letters "S" and "e") will appear at the bottom of the collar (ala Dolphins script logo on their jerseys)...yellow stripe on helmet to be removed...pants will remain, though team is considering white pants with a thick black stripe, outlined in gold, as an alternative pants scheme for home or away... I don't hear anything about a change to the uniforms. I hope not! But one thing I don't mind seeing a change is the numerals. I'd see the block numerals back. Have any of you hear a noise about it?
  22. New Football Helmets

    Once again, love the helmet templates. Could you email me the templates....pretty please?
  23. Southern Maryland Blue Crabs

    Probably a dumb question. What's the font you used?
  24. New Football Helmets

    Very nice! Could I have the template for PhotoShop? PM me please.
  25. Michigan honoring President Ford?

    I'm wondering if University of Michigan is gonna do honoring Ford with a patch or something in the upcoming Rose Bowl game. GRF on a patch? #38 (38th President)? Anybody know?