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  1. Nike State Mascot Series

    These are great. Interested see what could do with kentucky. So far Tennessee looks the best. Va tech pretty creative.
  2. Sports Font Database

    Anyone know of a font close to the UL Lafayette number font?
  3. NBA draft picks in uniform + Garnett/Pierce

    That number is (currently) taken. What I thought too by Moultrie (sp?). But that's just Pablo Torres said from Around the Horn.
  4. NBA draft picks in uniform + Garnett/Pierce

    Noel wearing #5 in honor of 5 teams that passed on him.
  5. If NIKE ruled the B1G (REBOOTED! Nebraska + Maryland added 8/3/13)

    I absolutely love these concepts. The template is amazing. You ever give it out id love to get ahold of it, but you keep them close please keep rolling out these. Look amazing. You ever do the SEC try my Kentucky Wildcats. Once again great!
  6. Bowl Logo/ Possible Signature

    How did you make the Ohio state rivalry helmet? It looks amazing.
  7. Concept Media Guide Design

    This is amazing. Love it. And I'm not even a Falcons fan. Execution is amazing.
  8. Fictional College League

    Is there any template avaliable for the presentation of your concepts? I'd love to get my hands on it and try some things. Can't wait to see some of new ideas you have. Been following this since it started.
  9. University Outbreak Challenge

    Champ #3 Runner up #4
  10. Jersey iPhone Wallpapers

    Rajon Rondo Geeen Celtics Witt black lettering jersey DeMarcus Cousins Purple Kings Ken Griffey Jr Reds Red jersey Deion Sanders Dallas Cowboys white jersey If you're doing college maybe an Anthony Davis blue UK If you have time. Thanks!
  11. Iowa State Pro Combat

  12. Iowa State Pro Combat

    The font is one created by a member of Cyclone Fanatic. It is a very close knock off of our official athletic font used by the university. Is there any way you'd be willing to share the font? I'd love to have it. If you don't want to that's cool too. Thanks in advance though.
  13. Iowa State Pro Combat

    Where did you get the font used in the take cover? I love the updates. Would be great to see on the field
  14. Fictional College League

    Where did you get the revo speed helmet template? I've been looking for one.
  15. Fictional College League

    Ill work on getting a public version up soon. I still want to add some more to it. (UA, Russell, etc) Alright. If you ever release them I know I'll be waiting for them. They're great.