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  1. jakemon08


    Yeah like Lakers wouldn't work for a team in LA because there are no lakes.
  2. jakemon08

    Cleveland Browns Concept

    Have you posted these before? I swear that I've seen this exact concept before.
  3. jakemon08

    All 32 NFL Teams Redesigned by Mr. Design Junkie

    I will say that the Rams actually look pretty cool. The Bucs aren't even that terrible... Then the Jets look kind of neat... other than that, absolutely terrible.
  4. jakemon08

    USFL modernization *STARS added*

    Yes! I've been waiting for a quality USFL update since I joined the boards. I can't wait to see what else you've got.
  5. I really don't have much else to say other than that these are :censored:ing beautiful. I can't wait for more.
  6. jakemon08

    Sports logo prototypes

    Apparently, this is from someone that was involved in the redesign. You can read about it here: http://www.bakasmedia.com/2012/01/the-denver-broncos-brand-fifteen-years-later/ I can certainly say I've never seen this before.
  7. jakemon08

    Sports logo prototypes

    I knew the Giants were that close to moving to Tampa Bay, but I didn't know the Mariners almost did too. That was an interesting watch!
  8. jakemon08

    Minnesota Vikings Logo

    The first of the two with the wood panels is fantastic!
  9. jakemon08

    Six NFL Concepts (+ two more, 12-1-13)

    Plain and simple, every single team you have done here is an improvement over what they are all currently wearing. Great job.
  10. jakemon08

    MLB Redesign - Yankees Revised (w/ Uniforms)

    What is your adjustment for when the logo is on a white background?
  11. jakemon08

    Future MLB Expansion Concept

    So they are the Kansas City Royals...
  12. jakemon08

    MLB Redesign - Yankees Revised (w/ Uniforms)

    I quite like some of these. That Pirates logo looks WAY too much like CJworks' San Antonio Desperadoes logo from his football league for my liking.
  13. jakemon08

    Terrible team names (for logos) that persist

    You'd think it would be pretty easy to create a cowboy logo, yet all the Cowboys could come up with was a star.
  14. jakemon08

    All NFL Teams Logos Redesigned

    Is by far the worst one. I hope that's what you were getting at.
  15. jakemon08

    MLB-NFL Crossover - FINISHED - HOME/AWAY Completed

    I'm a Twins fan so I was anxious to see what you would do with them. Didn't figure they had an interesting enough design to make something cool for this concept. First glance I thought it was cool but couldn't figure out why you chose stripes like that. Upon second look I realized exactly where you got the stripes from and it made me REALLY love it! Great work, my friend.