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  1. DancinFool

    Teams with one logo?

    Not exactly. Don't forget that they had the fisherman for a brief time in the 90's.
  2. DancinFool

    Slogan Signatures, anyone?

  3. DancinFool

    Toronto Maple Leafs Rebrand

    Well done, sir! That shoulder logo is fan-freakin-tastic!
  4. DancinFool

    Sports Teams 12 Days of Christmas

    Needs more stripes.
  5. DancinFool

    Slogan Signatures, anyone?

    Wow, these are fantastic! I would love two Michigan State sigs with the Spartan helmet logo: One that says "We're going elephant hunting this year." And one that says, "Go Green, Go White, Go State." Thanks in advance!
  6. DancinFool

    NHL: Defunct Franchise Redesigns

    Hmm...interesting set! I like the colors used here, but the eye seems too...too much red. I guess. Everything else is fine!
  7. DancinFool

    USA Great Seal Logo

    OAO" Stop it. Just stop it. This is ridiculous. This could be stamped on everything official in the White House in a couple of years, dude. I seriously can't say how much win this has because there's more win to be had than words compatible enough to describe it. Good. F***ety. JESUS. Ok. I'm done. EDIT- F*** it. This should be Guile's new tattoo. XD
  8. DancinFool

    NHL: Defunct Franchise Redesigns

    Simple and clean. Not a thing I would change to this set. =D
  9. DancinFool

    My first concept

    I like this idea you have going here of mixing old and new. The only thing that irks me is the nameplate being straight on the back. Anyway you can make it curved? If so, you'd have a hit.
  10. DancinFool

    Re-using the slug... sorta

    Who would've thought that nasty Buffaslug could actually be turned into a cool logo? Well done, sir!
  11. DancinFool

    NHL: Defunct Franchise Redesigns

    The Rockies concept is very well executed, and captures the image of miners real well. The only problem I have is that the color scheme doesn't "pop" out to me. Maybe it's because blue and orange have been seen before so many times or what not. I don't know. It's a beautiful concept, but it's a tiny bit bland to me.
  12. DancinFool

    NHL: Defunct Franchise Redesigns

    C'est magnifique! Well, 'cept for one teeny thing: The logo on the alternate should be moved down just a tad so it's not touching the captain's letter. But, that's just my personal nit-picking.
  13. DancinFool

    Return of the Sonics

    If you read the OP, he said for some reason the white parts of the jerseys for some reason aren't showing. The NBA logo is there, but only the red and blue parts. *facepalm* So the other day I was an idiot, right?
  14. DancinFool

    Return of the Sonics

    I love this concept very much, but I just have one thing that bothers me. The NBA and crest logos on the away jersey are missing their white. I don't know if this was on purpose or not, but either way, it bugs me to no end. The only imperfection on an otherwise flawless design.
  15. DancinFool

    Nashville Predators concept

    I agree with HabsFan1 in the fact that they do look a little like Carolina, but I think there's enough difference in the pattern to distinguish it from them. I actually like the idea of a checkerboard pattern on a jersey, and you executed it fairly well. That being said, the ice/baby blue doesn't sit very well with me. Maybe a darker blue would work better?