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  1. Phillyphan63

    Interest in Starting a Fantasy Football Concept League (IceHL Style)?

    I like NFA with the A standing for Alliance
  2. Phillyphan63

    Major League Football (my fictional concept league)

    I feel like a lot of the teams have some shade of blue as their primary color maybe try some different color schemes? I mean the Blue and Breakers use two shades of blue...
  3. Phillyphan63

    Broadcast Soccer League

    This seems like a really cool idea can't wait to see the rest of the designs!
  4. Phillyphan63

    Yakball Concepts

    This is pretty cool I remember the first thread you made about this sport can't wait to see more. The altitude logo is solid and the name is very creative. Do you plan and making jerseys for this thread?
  5. Phillyphan63

    Reworking the MLS and now the NASL

    I am absolutely loving all of these keep up the good work!
  6. Phillyphan63

    Tile Wallpapers/Signatures/Avatars/Cover Photos Etc

    The 1960 Eagles logo would be cool
  7. Phillyphan63

    My First Concept

    Alright everyone here's a third try I moved the antlers to the helmet and did a made a few changes to the jersey moving the rabbit to the shoulders and since the rabbits where going to be on the jersey already I took them off of the undershirt and added something new to the undershirt. As for the pants I moved the AAU logo onto the side rather than the front of the pants and I gave everyone a new view of the pants so there is nothing more "misleading" about the concept. I see what you guys might be hinting at I can't just have it say Arizona. I mean TCU doesn't just every have a uniform that just says Texas but they don't use Christian either but I digress. None the less here's my latest update Home Road Both sides of the pants hope its not longer "misleading"
  8. Phillyphan63

    My First Concept

    Alright so here goes the second try I tired to address everyone's suggestions they were very helpful and I see what you all mean about the clash of styles and I'll try to address that as the concept evolves. First off the GCU similarity is just coincidence I thought up this team well before I knew there even was a GCU and I'm not going to change it now. Second the varsity block logo didn't tie in with the rest of the concept so I did away with that and introduced the logo to the font that is used for the rest of the concept. So here are the new logos For the uniforms I took what everyone said into consideration. I made the numbers smaller and changed the name to show that they can fit in longer names. I changed a few colors on the actual jersey and tried to make it look a little more modern. Also I noticed that the jackalope on the side view shouldn't be there it's on the other side of the jersey so I removed it. Tell me what you guys think. Home Road
  9. Phillyphan63

    My First Concept

    Hey all, I've been a long time lurker on these boards, not exactly sure how long but probably at least over a year. I've loved seeing all of the concepts people post on these boards and seeing all the talent everyone here has. Ever since seeing these I've been quietly working on making my own logos and jersey but only to not post them. I've only posted actual images I've created I think twice and only for concepts that were for group participation. But now I think I'm finally ready to get critiqued on these boards. I know how people get advice and sometimes it isn't pretty so don't be shy to tear up my work as I know it is no where near the best. Now to the actual concept I've been working on this is for one of the fantasy colleges I've created, Arizona Atheist University. I came up with this team a long time ago it was my first teambuilder team back when team builder came out. The name is kind of personal because it involved both my religion and where I go to visit all of the time. The logos them selves aren't that good but its the jerseys I'm more worried about so here are the logos for the AAU Jackalopes. And for the uniforms I wanted to give them a sort of a more new look with the font but also not to have too much going on with the jersey or the pants Home Road
  10. Phillyphan63

    Pennants for Custom Logos - Requests Accepted

    All of them looks so amazing thank you so much but shouldn't it say Chicago Ninjas?
  11. Phillyphan63

    Pennants for Custom Logos - Requests Accepted

    First one looks great that's man!
  12. Phillyphan63

    Fox's MLB 2.0

    You're gonna take red and blue away from the Cubs? I understand you're trying to get only one color combo for each team but don't you think that the Nationals are a little more expendable than the Cubs if you're only gonna have one red and blue team?
  13. Phillyphan63

    Fan Foam Fingers for Custom Logos - Requests Accepted

    My fantasy football team the Puerto Penasco Fire Llamas?
  14. Phillyphan63

    Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    How about my fantasy league logo?
  15. Phillyphan63

    Expansion Teams in all 4 major leagues

    Glad to see I helped out with the NFL expansions. And for the NBA Iowa team how about the Iowa Hogs?