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  1. DKenny

    NHL 09-10 Changes

    I think the Islanders tried to get the 3rds to become their full time home, but either missed some deadline or the league said not yet. But definitely next season. They'll try to wear them as much as they can now. Honestly I hope they keep the current whites as the roads, just hoping they ditch the shoulder stripes, or try a different alt logo. Same deal with Buffalo I think.
  2. DKenny

    New scoreboard bug on Versus

    The numbers are actually readable now. I liked the original design, just thought the text needed to be bolder. The bigger logo is also much better. Good job VS.
  3. DKenny

    NEW D'Backs and Reds Changes(pg 4)

    Other than new BP stuff, there is nothing I would consider major. We already know about the names on the Cubs and Dodgers uniforms, a couple teams are getting new red alts, a lot of teams are dropping or adding patches, and the Canadian team is getting a new cap. new red alts???? This only leaves it open to a few teams: Definite guesses: - Cardinals - Angels - Phillies Other guesses (possibly a stretch): - Indians - Rangers - Twins You named one of them. Looking right now .. I am suprised this certain NL team is getting a red alt. Yo Ho!
  4. DKenny

    Mets to Wear '86 Uniforms on Friday Night!

    It's actually a modified 20th anniversary of the 86 team patch that resembled the 25th anniversary patch. Instead of saying 1962-1986 it said 1986-2006
  5. DKenny

    Mets to Wear '86 Uniforms on Friday Night!

    No orange buttons on the hats. But they're all wearing longer pants. No stirrups showing God this is bringing me back to my youth.
  6. DKenny

    Buffalo Sabres to unveil jerseys today

    They look more like the Buffalo Ski's than Sabres. Well they do get a lot of snow up there.
  7. DKenny

    March Madness

    The sound you just heard was about half of America ripping up their bracket sheets, including mine. I lost $50 but this victory was damn worth it.
  8. DKenny

    Edmonton Oilers Whites

    I don't know why the shoulders were removed in favor of just plain looking jerseys. Looks too much like the Blackhawks whites. Edmonton should definetly go back to those. I think they were only used for one year and don't understand the switch.
  9. DKenny

    Steelers 6 painted Super Bowl End zones

    Honestly when I saw the title I thought they painted an actual #6 in the end zone for Jerome Bettis.
  10. DKenny

    NHL's "new" conference logos

    As soon as I saw them I instantly thought Judge Dredd Bettman is not above the law .. he IS the law!
  11. DKenny

    2006 Stanley Cup logo

    Looking good. I like it. The old one was nice but after 15-16 years with slight alterations, it was definetly time for a new refreshing look. EDIT: Took a minute to think over the East / West flip. Yeah I have NO CLUE why they decided to flip it. 3 weeks till the olympics, should be plenty of time to switch that up. Also what's the new conference logos look like?
  12. DKenny

    Devile Rays Cap ?

    And here it is: Caption: Bernard Gilkey in the 1997 ice cream cap and jersey. In retrospect, Bernard Gilkey really wasn't that good of a player. His downfall came when he saw the flying spaceship in Men in Black and the ball hit him in the head. He was never the same after that. Where is he now. Maybe he actually joined the MIB as Agent B.
  13. DKenny

    Ny apple core

    Applecore huh, don't take any lip from Jay Vesce. I like the 3rd one alot. Kinda like your set but the current white and darks you guys got so far are pretty good. Numbers and text are lookin good but it's kinda hard to make out the green trim on the numbers. I played for CW Post up until last year, back when we actually had enough guys for a team. Now it's just gotten sad. It's kinda hard to pull off the yellow/green combo. Especially if the yellow is the primary home color. Our's look sharp but not perfect. I wont talk smack cause your team can beat ours any day of the week.
  14. DKenny

    Ducks 3rds to be unveil tomorrow

    I Like it except for the black. Add the ducks green to the black parts and the egglplant color to those silver spots. And there's an interesting jersey idea. Just like the ducks old dark 3rds. Yes both of them. Wait I signed up for this?