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  1. finally got my #cheapheat shirt here in korea! this shirt is m-m-maj @Rosenbergradio @StatGuyGreg https://t.co/5kj5w970u2

  2. RT @Larrydn22: WOW! That's awesome! So cool you kept these... Please by my guest to a game this year. I would love to meet you! https://t.c…

  3. @TheStarters when watching my suns, it's a whole bunch of no no no no no yes!! or noooooooh

  4. RT @NBAonTNT: .@shaq knows a little something about handling NBA breakups... his take on Westbrook and KD's first meeting tonight https://t…

  5. #미스터리룸이스케이프강남점 #강남방탈출 https://t.co/wkqcqU1qYl

  6. finally found a way to subscribe to ddp yoga in korea through ddp yoga now! time to get in shape! @RealDDP @DDPYoga

  7. @Rosenbergradio @StatGuyGreg any love for your overseas peckerheads? can't cop cheap heat shirts cuz i live in korea :(

  8. @Rosenbergradio big peckerhead here from korea. welcome to soul city! here's a taste of k-hiphop ??https://t.co/eO4AyYf7wp

  9. .@DavidShoemaker showing up on both #cheapheat and #billsimmonspodcast. #lexluger adjace? haha

  10. RT @Longreads: RIP Grantland: 47 recommended stories from the #Longreads archives https://t.co/Ba3xCSCcKF https://t.co/IPC45ywWIZ

  11. 무도 달력 브로마이드 패키지 구입 완료! 하도 사람들이 많이 가서 사이트가 버벅거렸으나 그래도 성공 ㅎㅎㅎ

  12. 혈액급구 **RH-AB형 혈액이 급합니다 28주 미숙아 폐혈증으로 수혈하고 있는데 혈액이 모자랍니다 우리아이라 생각하시고 빠른 연락바랍니다 경남진주...