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  1. For the last several months I have been improving and moving my content to WordPress. The following is the link I to my website. I will continue to use this website as well, but it will be focused on logo development. https://unba892079070.wordpress.com/
  2. Possible Manhattan New Logo. A good logo for the time period on stationary and signage, though it would not be able to be worn on uniform or cap as it would be too complicated to weave. Upgrade over what they had before.
  3. Here is my latest redesign, I like the new primary logo. The logo shield is rather plain though.... I think they are good enough for now.
  4. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking #17-#20 They Need Help Suggestions are encouraged (Keep in mind that this is 1912) #17. Washington D.C. Executives The logo shield for the Washington DC Executives just doesn't seem to fit the time period, it looks reasonably nice just seems off for the era. The Their uniforms are rather ugly and help drag this team down to a 17th place finish. #18. Pittsburgh Panthers I personally kind of like the panther's uniforms, they are rather plain but fit the time period well. I would have ranked them 3-5 spots higher if their logo shield was better. In my opinion, it just looks tacky. The Panther's want a unique look, but for now, this is not cutting it. #19. Milwaukee Kings The ugliest primary logo and very plain logo shield help to drop the Milwaukee Kings to a 19th place finish. I think their uniforms are fine, but they need a new primary logo and redesigned logo shield. #20 Manhattan Thunder The Ugliest uniforms and the weirdest logo shield are the recipes for a dead last finish in these rankings. The Manhattan ownership is looking to redesign the teams look before the 1913 season. The only thing that I really want to maintain is the wings incorporated into the logo.
  5. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #16. Chicago Crusaders The Chicago Crusaders round out the boring uniforms with their 16th place finish. Though certain aspects of their logo shield could have merited a higher ranking, the plainest uniforms in the league hurt their placement. With only the slightest difference in the shade of grey between their home and away uniforms, the Crusaders could probably get away with wearing the same uniform on the road and at home.
  6. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #15. Cleveland Grizzlies The Cleveland Grizzlies boring grey and white uniforms gets them a 15th place finish. Not ugly, just boring. The fans of Cleveland deserve a little more colour to view when they come to a Grizzlies' ball game.
  7. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #14. Pennsylvania Scarlets Another more boring uniform design, the Pennsylvania Scarlets. Neither ugly or pretty, the team's nickname 'scarlet' is present in the uniforms and logo. Without a primary logo, the Pennsylvania Scarlets need something to 'pop' in their uniform design to help them climb higher in the rankings, as it stands they find themselves in the 14th spot.
  8. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #13. Buffalo Brownstockings Now the rankings are entering a section comprised of the more boring uniform and logo designs in the UNBA. The Buffalo Brownstockings plain white and grey home uniforms force the emphasis to be placed on their brown 'stockings', but brown is rather underwhelming as a primary team colour which helps to cement the Brownstockings' 13th place finish.
  9. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #12. Illinois Packers The Illinois Packers have climbed up from the bottom portion of the rankings with their recent change of primary logo. The transition from a shield that was uninspiring, to a simple outline that resonates with the Packers name, helps to boost Illinois to a 12th place finish in the rankings.
  10. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #11. Indianapolis Stripes The Indianapolis Stripes have a unique look that sets them apart from most of the league, though I am not necessarily a huge fan of their look I can appreciate the incorporation of stripes into the logo shield beyond just the uniform.
  11. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #10. Brooklyn Beermen The Brooklyn Beermen round out the Top 10. Brooklyn is defined by a simple logo that looks to stand the test of time. The uniforms are unique, but their weird undershirt coloring (Owner wants the color of beer to be incorporated) affects the team's ranking as they are positioned in the middle, finishing 10th out of 20 teams in the UNBA.
  12. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #9. Boston Brotherhood The Boston Brotherhood comes in 9th on this list. Since the ballclub's founding in 1892- the Brotherhood have worn two colored uniforms, mixing them up for both home and away games. White pants are a rarity in baseball during this time period and each Brotherhood player gets several white pants at the start of the season so they can maintain their clean white look throughout the year. After winning three straight UNBA World Championships (1904-1906) the Brotherhood have amassed a dedicated fan base that spreads beyond just the New England area. If one was to look long enough they could find Brotherhood colors flying on a summer evening, even in New York City.
  13. 1911-1912 Logo and Uniform Ranking (My Opinion) #8. New York Militia The New York Militia changed their primary logo prior to the 1911 season. While this offseason they modified their uniforms, and are planning on sporting an extravagant golden yellow shirt on the road. Their latest uniform and logo are some of the most modern (for 1912) designs in the league and earned the Militia the 8th spot in our countdown.