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  1. Take your time. Congratulations on a healthy son! Hope your wife has a speedy recovery!
  2. I like the flame suggestion for tampa bay. And for Kansas City i really like the idea of Mustangs or Scouts
  3. *waits patiently for Atlanta to climb the rankings*
  4. 2016 MLB Jersey Mashups - Miami and Baltimore posted

    Thank you. It looks good
  5. Sounds good, I believe the council will make wise decisions regarding expansion for the betterment of the league
  6. Thank you, I want to do research on my own about these cities before the meeting of the council.
  7. 2016 MLB Jersey Mashups - Miami and Baltimore posted

    If you are still doing them, I would love to see a Kansas City one.
  8. So with the expansion looming in the not so distant future, what are some cities that are up for discussion as potential homes to some AFA teams? Any possibility of a city getting two teams?
  9. Kansas City Wiffleball League (Rangers, Bears, Bees Added)

    Well I use a free program called Gimp (you've probably heard of it) I dont know if you have a computer at home but that is a great program
  10. Kansas City Wiffleball League (Rangers, Bears, Bees Added)

    Hey, not trying to overstep any boundaries here I just really liked this cap from Independence, and I've never worked on baseball uniforms before so I found a template and made it.
  11. Kansas City Wiffleball League (Rangers, Bears, Bees Added)

    Very nice. I want to follow along. I absolutely love KC. Its neat to see teams for all of these places that I've been before.
  12. I'm new to the graphic design/uniform design world. I'm currently using Gimp and just trying to soak up as much information as I can. I love to read suggestions and tips on how I can improve my concepts. 

  13. I personally like the team name. With the soldier his hat seems to get lost in the grey of the helmet. In comparison to the NFL at this time, the Giants, Jets, and Bengals had their team names on the side of the helmet.
  14. So I certainly hope I am not overstepping a boundary here, lately though I've been in love with the "Pitt" script on their helmets. I think it would be neat if the revised ATL uniforms had something similar.
  15. I just read the entire thread. So impressed. I would love to contribute in anyway that I could. Go Rebels!