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  1. Wow I guess Portland just has some serious issues with causing fights during the playoffs. This can't be a good look for the team or the AFA with fights like this on the biggest stage
  2. Whoops my bad. Clearly I'm not all over it today
  3. So with all the confederate imagery for Atlanta, is a name change in the cards somewhere down the road because especially recently that's been a problem some team mascots have faced
  4. I can't believe my eyes, not only did the Whales win a playoff game, but they made it to the Victory Bowl. Against my better judgement I'm going to be optimistic that the miracle season ends with our first title.
  5. Oh my god the Whales did something? This must be a mistake . How did this happen? Did they get lucky or do they actually have talent and a hope of winning at all?
  6. *sigh* Another season, another forgettable performance for the Whales. I think they have now become the definition of irrelevant. But anyway it's good to have this be back. I know I've missed it. Looking forward to Rob Connery choking as usual.
  7. Well it seems the two cities are decided barring a miracle, but here is my bio and vote: Stanley McKay was born in 1934 in a rural Illinois town. He was a star in multiple sports at his high school, but he was not recruited much for football, so his best option was Indiana State University, an FCS school. He performed so well that he transferred to Michigan and started at middle linebacker. He was drafted 14th by the Gladiators in 1956 and was a 6 time all star in his 10 year career. He was a charismatic leader in the locker room and his career highlight is forcing the fumble at the one yard line to win Victory Bowl 17. After his playing career he became a broadcaster for the SFL. When that folded, he became a commentator on Monday Night Football who has become famous for his odd style. (Think Jon Gruden) He has expressed interest in coaching or being the commissioner live on the air, but it's hard to know whether he was serious or not. His votes are as follows 1. Tampa Bay- The market size, the location, the owner situation, and the prebuilt stadium makes this the perfect bid. 2. Kansas City- The fan support in this area is one thing that catches McKay's eye, he is also interested in the dome, which would make a good Victory Bowl stadium 3. Indianapolis- McKay's memories of football in Indiana makes him believe that Indianapolis is a great city for a football team.
  8. A little disappointed with the result, but an exciting game nevertheless. I'm now ready for expansion council.
  9. Well that was an exciting slate of games. I'm pulling for the stallions to win it all. I also hope the angles win because the wasps have warn out their welcome at this point. I actually wasn't totally surprised by the gladiators win however. Perhaps it was because I don't really know what made the Centennials so unbeatable in the first place.
  10. Hello everyone, I've followed this forum for 6 months or so and I've finally decided to get an account for the expansion council. All I can say is the work that Veras does is simply unbelivable. I'm ready for the playoffs and expansion council! On a side note I believe I am the only whales fan to have ever existed.