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  1. It's my own. I based it around one that I found online. Traced the lines but made them thinner, changed the stitching throughout the jersey, changed up the collar to my own design, and changed up the hem of the jersey.
  2. Last concept for the Western Conference is the Winnipeg Jets. I wanted to have a 3rd with their lighter blue color taking the spotlight. It features a simple and classic striping pattern, reminiscent to the last jerseys that the original Jets wore.
  3. Fixed Minnesota Wild Jersey I really wanted to do a Winter Classic style 3rd for the St Louis Blues, but I did that my last series. This time I went with a dark blue jersey with a lot of yellow.
  4. Good catch. Thank you! Will update it tonight.
  5. Any more C&C before moving on later today?
  6. Minnesota has had a long history of having 3rd jerseys in their collection. In my perfect world, they drop the red home jersey, promote their current 3rd jersey and make a matching away set. So this leaves me with basically their Stadium Series jersey promoted. The wheatish color they used is gone and white is substituted. I also added pants stripes, and the State of Hockey shoulder logos. Nashville demoted blue as a primary color scheme 6 years ago, but here I bring it back. The checkerboard blue alternative jersey from 09-11 is back with minor updates. This jersey always looked sharp to me and I am super happy in bringing it back.
  7. The bottom one is gorgeous.
  8. Next is the Dallas Stars. The alt I created is based off of their current set, but black.
  9. Colorado is next. Their new dark blue alt is gorgeous. I loved their Stadium Series jersey as well (besides the giant numbers). So I somewhat merged the two together. The striping pattern is inspired by the SS jersey, and of course I had to use the new logo. Let me know what you all think!
  10. This look better?
  11. Moving along to the Central Division now, starting with the Chicago Blackhawks. The Stadium Series jerseys that they wore against the Minnesota Wild were gorgeous, so I based this next set on them. I simplified the look a little bit by taking away their alternate logo from the sleeves and completed the stripes. I think it is a simple and effective look for a Blackhawk 3rd jersey.
  12. Final team for the Pacific division is the Vancouver Canucks. Decided to go for a design reminiscent to their inaugural jerseys. Simple yet effective.
  13. The current Los Angeles Kings Third celebrates the team's 50th anniversary. They unveiled a grey set and for some reason a gold trim around the numbers that look out of place. I decided to keep the main color of the jersey and the arm stripes, but change the hem stripe to match the arm ones. No outlines for the name/numbers. A feature that I added to the collar is two stripes representing the 2 Stanley Cups they have as a franchise. I have two concepts for the San Jose Sharks. The first one is kind of just something I made while messing around. The second one is the more serious one. The first one has shark teeth style striping on the arms and the hem. Orange is pretty much eliminated from the color scheme, aside from the logos. The second one promotes the use of orange to a prominent color and black is used much less.