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  1. Hi everyone, I came up with an idea to create the National Basketball League (NBL), a made up basketball league that could act as an alternative to the NBA, much like how the United States Football League (USFL) was to the National Football League (NFL) in the 1980's. The NBL, for example, could be played during the summer and fall. So, I am opening it up to you guys to create your own franchises for the league. The teams can be based in cities with a current NBA franchise or in new cities. There will be two divisions (like the NBA): Pacific and Atlantic. If you choose to create a team, please include a primary logo, secondary logo, home uniform (color), away uniform (white), and an alternate uniform, which is optional. Below I have attached the PNG files containing all of the league logos. If you need the logos in any other file type please let me know. For the jerseys please place the NBL jersey patch in the upper left chest. The logo can also be customized to the team's colors. If you wish to participate please comment below: Team Name: City: Arena: Divison: For example, I will be creating: Team Name: Sun Valley Sonorans (even though my team plays in Pheonix, I will be calling them the Sun Valley Sonorans, like the Golden State Warriors. City: Pheonix, AZ Arena: Wells Fargo Arena Divison: Pacific
  2. nickrandle

    New Twix Logo Concept

    @8BW14 @Heitert I agree that it may be too slick for the current Twix brand but, I will try to create some packing to see if the logo can work in that setting.
  3. nickrandle

    New Twix Logo Concept

    @Zeus89725 Yeah, I agree with your Kit Kat idea. The two stick concept can work well there too.
  4. nickrandle

    New Twix Logo Concept

    Sorry, my bad. Just fixed it.
  5. nickrandle

    New Twix Logo Concept

    Hi everyone, I recently created this rebranded Twix candy logo. I noticed how many companies, such as Bud Light, are rebranding their content in this sort of "retro-style." I tried to take some inspiration from this when creating the Twix logo. Please leave any comments or criticism. Thank you.
  6. Logos for the Richmond Tribe done. Still working on the uniforms. Added in a black version just as an option.
  7. I will instead do this Team: Richmond Tribe Affiliation: Washington Redskins Colors: Burgendy/Gold/White Stadium: The Diamond
  8. Broncoboy7 can take over for the Bronco affiliate, seeing he is a Broncos fan.
  9. Team: Colorado Springs Mustangs Affiliation: Denver Broncos Colors: Orange/Blue/White Stadium: Security Service Field