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  1. amaricooper8989

    LA Clippers Rebrand

    This is the first time ever that I've seen a concept on here and thought, "Wow, if I owned this team I would 100% change the logo to that" Very Very Great Work!!!
  2. amaricooper8989

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    I'm not buying the 'A' story, the same guy that designed that logo wanted the same A on the Mavericks new set some time ago.
  3. amaricooper8989

    South Bay Lakers Logo

    I love that
  4. amaricooper8989

    South Bay Lakers Logo

    The Lakers G-League affiliates new logos. I know you guys will hate on them since it's not a unique brand or whatever but I love the set. Especially the manhatten pier secondary logo.
  5. amaricooper8989

    Sandlot League, Moonman Baseball Club

    With the MLB season starting today many local sandlot leagues will do the same. I thought this might be a fun opportunity to make my Sandlot League team's new logo into a concept of a new MLB team. So far I made our logo, we have been using these 2 logos since 2013. Later (I'm working on it now) I will post a full MLB style uniform concept of my SandLot team, The Moonman Baseball Club. Please C&C as I go!
  6. amaricooper8989

    Largest court logo?

    Youngstown State
  7. amaricooper8989

    Eureka Redwoods

    Ok for the sake of pleasing everyone the Stanford grads moved the Jaguars or Jets idk. I'll work in my own tree. I'm not sure how to help the pixelation yet, I'm basically using Microsoft Paint for Mac, I'll work on it though
  8. amaricooper8989

    Minnesota Vikings

    So their old uniforms?
  9. amaricooper8989

    Eureka Redwoods

  10. amaricooper8989

    Eureka Redwoods

    I live by their fans and they're all pretty awful, #EurekaRedwoods
  11. amaricooper8989

    Eureka Redwoods

    Steve Ballmer has a ton of money and look at the Clippers logo, but I'll try another logo. By 2030 the NFL will realize Cleveland is a wasteland and their stadium would be pretty old by then, that being said I've seen far crazier faux history things on here that have been less believable.
  12. amaricooper8989

    Eureka Redwoods

    The year is 2030. A group of Stanford Grads decides to buy a loser NFL franchise, The Cleveland Browns. They intend to move them to Eureka California since having a few good fans is better than having 1 million awful fans like the ones in Cleveland. All of this means that the Eureka Redwoods are born. The name Redwoods comes from the vest number of redwood trees in Northern California. Them being Stanford grads (ie what that weirdo did with the Vegas Golden Knights Logo) heavily influenced the teams colors, logos, and uniforms.