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  1. Take your time Hawk. We'll still be here.
  2. Me thinks that Daryl Byrd is supposed to represent another bumbling idiot who keeps putting hockey teams in unnatural locations. Who could it be?
  3. Hey Hawkfan, I was wondering if you could do team info sheets for inactive franchises? Teams like the Windsor Wings, Hamilton Kings, Erie Penguins, original Vancouver Bighorns and Erie Penguins?
  4. Bet you anything that the Sound will be playing in Houston next year. If not, then Hurricane Katrina will force them to move.
  5. Love the new Wizards alternate. The three Lewis Cups on it reminds me of something a soccer team would do. Nicely done
  6. Seeing the Twisters in action will help satiate my need to see a top level hockey team in Kansas City. At least until I graduate college and start my efforts to resurrect the Kansas City Scouts. So yay, hopefully that EA thing will happen.
  7. If that thing about EA is true, you should upload the PHL games to a YouTube Channel. I'd subscribe.
  8. What happens when we catch up to the modern era?
  9. Also I don't know if it's just me, but I can't see a lot of the old images anymore. Anyone else having that problem? It says something about photo bucket on each one.
  10. This is my first time posting here so I'm just going to put forward an idea. Someone should do a parody of a Urinatingtree video about the Houston Hurricanes.
  11. Hmmmm, I'm torn, on the one hand Seattle beat the Twisters. But on the other hand, the Stingrays are the PHL equivalent of what I like to call a "Bettman abomination" a term which means a team based in a city that has no business having a pro ice hockey team.
  12. Hey Hawkfan, just had a quick question. How are you simulating seasons? I know that when you started out you were using but has that changed at all?