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  1. It seems the AFA lost a lot of all-time greats this offseason. I would love to see Veras' opinion on a top 50 all-time players list. Maybe during the AFA's 50th anniversary in 1996? I also love Baltimore taking a running back in the first round. Any notable Royals storylines this offseason?
  2. What a game, congratulations to the Guardians! That Reggie Hart scramble sounds like it will go down as a signature play in AFA history. What's the draft looking like this year as far as quarterback depth? It's starting to look like the Royals may need to invest in an insurance policy to take over in case Punch gets re-injured. Maybe Doom's statement from this past season inspires Baltimore to bring in a black quarterback if one is available?
  3. Okay, I can see how a D-Punch sig could be viewed as an odd request, but allow me to defend my decision. Ever since Derrill Punch took over under center in the 1982 playoffs, not only has he represented Baltimore's climb out of mediocrity, but Punch has contributed to memorable Royals playoff runs in his first two seasons as the team's full time starter. While it's no secret that he may not have the most talent in the AFA, Punch's hometown heroism (ex-Maryland Terp) and underdog reputation is why I like to think he possesses somewhat of a Tebow-esqe cult following among Baltimore fans. He's surely a player I'll always remember and who knows, maybe he can bring some of his magic back to Charm City as a coach one day? However if you truly feel that Punch's time in the spotlight could be ending soon, an Adrian Doom sig is the next best thing for me. I like to envision "Dr. Doom" as a savage trash talker, almost like the AFA's Jack Lambert (correct me if I'm completely wrong).
  4. Congratulations to Cleveland, but I'm just happy to see my Royals inch closer and closer throughout these past few seasons. I'd imagine that the Baltimore front office could be looking towards bringing in a big name free agent acquisition to assist Derrill Punch and Adrien Doom's Victory Bowl quest for next season. I finally decided to make an account and join the discussion after reading through this thread over the past few months. All I can say is this league is a true masterpiece for creative sports writers and I'd like to thank you for the entertainment Veras. Lastly, a Royals' Derrill Punch sig would be a very cool addition to my profile. If you could add that to the signature request list that'd be awesome. Thanks in advance, Veras!