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  1. Sounds great! I think that we’ll be fine if we skip a few seasons. As long as we have base stats like the champions, I bet we all will be just happy to see some new teams!
  2. Hey! I have been gone for a while, life got in the way and I forgot to check regularly. I know that it was probably a while ago for everyone else , but when I came back to see my favorite team (mars) with a redesign, I was VERY impressed. I used to like the warriors for the planet, and now with them being backed up by what I think is the best logo and color set in the league, there’s no way I’m changing, even if they miss the playoffs consistently. Nice job again!
  3. I love it! To be honest, I didn’t expect the power rangers gimmick to look good, but you managed to pull it off. The cubs are also amazing. Nice job
  4. I like that because they are also on the border of the tropical/snowy parts of the planet. The background is there. I really like animal based names, like what @RoughRiders99 himself said of the predators. I’m wondering what @BellaSpurs has to offer also.
  5. Sorry about the grammar issues my phone is glitchy and sometimes repeats letters and words
  6. I sat back and watched the chat for a bit, so nnow I’m going to give my input Callisto-I’m pretty pretty sure we all knew it would be the cubs. I personally love the name and can’t wait to see the branding Europa-I am super excited that the wildlife suggestions are in good brought back up. I have wanted to see more wildlife-based teams (especially new wildlife) ever since the first 4-team expansion where I suggested it for the Titan team. I have to agree with that. Other- people have seemed to skip over the division conversation. I vote to put divisions in, as it would propel rivalries to new levels. It wouldn’t be too hard, and I would be happy to help align it. On a completely different note, I think that it would be a good idea to give the minor league teams individual identities. I don’t think that you should give logos or anything, but simple names would be a great way to make that part of the recap more interesting. Good examples would be for mars. For the warriors a team like the Ares Reds would work well. Simple, catchy, and has a baseball history along with fitting nicely as a team from Mars. A good name for the canyons team would be the Bradbury Rays. A good name that’s a bit different. It went unused and is a perfect name for a minor league team. Many good team suggestions have gone unused and This could also be a nod to some of them.
  7. I can just Imagine it now. A borderline civil war in Venus. From now on, the Sparrows blue is going to be called the “Lucky Sparrow” blue.
  8. Alright, it makes sense why you are thinking about it. Either way it works.
  9. By the way, do you plan to do divisions within the next few expansions? Just wondering as the league is growing very fast and has enough teams for it.
  10. The new jerseys look amazing. You were able to balance the colors without the new look making the team look like a brand new team. I love it.
  11. I love the new Jupiter branding. The info graph is very useful and looks great also. I also agree with the Venus rebrand. Adding a color would be pretty cool, and I think it’s almost necessary for them to change it. I love the Browns color scheme idea by @BellaSpurs, that would be pretty funny. I also like @Red Comet‘s green if you want a fresh take on it. My personal suggestion would be to add blue and create a New York Mets/Knicks or even Denver Broncos type-design.
  12. I like that preseason post, really gives a glimpse of the future and incorporates the HOF class we requested. On a separate note, do you plan to separate the two expansion teams, realign, or both?
  13. Scorps really turned it around...then choked. Well, nice performance by the giants winning through the wild card.
  14. I’m a big fan of the flames too to be honest. I would love the valles marineris, it would be pretty unique.
  15. Yeah, I agree, saying that I messed up on this thread thinking that the Islanders hadn’t won yet. I wouldn’t say every season, but something similar would be nice
  16. So I was looking back at the logos and noticed that the R and the Y in the Venus Valkyries logo is switched. Just wanted to bring it up. Besides that, it looks great.
  17. Nice, I like the new teams and I think they will fit nicely into the league. Glad I could help.
  18. That was a good series. I really thought that the Islanders would become the first expansion team to get a GS win. Well, I guess the Apollo’s are just too stacked.