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  3. RT @kelsohockey: Only in Nashville would you get @Jeremy_Roenick and @johngaudreau03 singing Born in the US. #NHLAllStar #nashville https:/…

  4. RT @kelsohockey: Only in Nashville would you get @Jeremy_Roenick and @johngaudreau03 singing Born in the US. #NHLAllStar #nashville https:/…

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  6. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    First look at the new Ducks jerseys on ice via NHL15. Who knows if it is accurate or not. The orange looks to bright IMO. Same socks... white helmets. On another note the arenas look amazing. They have the tesla coil up in the right corner. I hope they work!
  7. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    I am pretty sure they will be wearing the retro jerseys on Joe Nieuwendyk's "Forever a Flame" night.
  8. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    Best news ever.
  9. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    I agree with the orange being tested this year and that in the near future there will be a full-time orange third added. I just hope they continue paying tribute to the Mighty Ducks logo. The fans love it and it would be the best "alternate logo" in the league.
  10. NHL Stadium Series Jerseys

    This is the first time I have noticed them. When they are visible they help the jersey out a lot. Since seeing the jersey photos today I went from not wanting to buy one to most likely buying one.
  11. NHL Stadium Series Jerseys

    I look into this and it looks like it has always been there. It was never show very well with the promo pictures. Here is a mother picture from twitter.
  12. NHL Stadium Series Jerseys

    I saw this on Facebook today. Looks like the Ducks made an update to their jerseys by adding some black to the sides. I think this is an upgrade!
  13. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    I can't see the Flames changing jerseys quite yet. I would think in a couple more years once the rebuild is further along and when the time is right the new look will come in. You want best revenue for the merch and fans will not buy when the team is loosing! Anaheim's best bet is to change jerseys for the up coming season but I can't see the orange jersey bing the third. If anything they will make the 3rd their home, create a matching white one and then have the current home the 3rd jersey. Even though the current home and away are viewed as ugly by many people, you have to remember that they won a cup with them. I actually don't mind the current home's and away. Just change the script to the big "D" and add a mighty duck patch to the shoulders.
  14. NHL Stadium Series Jerseys

    This is the worst one yet.
  15. Post Your Jersey Collections

    If you are talking about the Getzalf 3rd, yes that is a fake. I actually am really disappointed with it. The colours are way off and the jersey is just so damn big. It is like a XXXL when I asked for a L. I have another current 3rd that is a replica.