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  1. RT @PeteBlackburn: Johnny Gaudreau with the breakaway filth

  2. RT @myregularface: ref cam view of Gaudreau's goal

  3. The Dome smells like popcorn. #letsplayhockey

  4. RT @NHLFlames: Our incredible ice crew!

  5. Let's do this! @calstampeders #guestinstagrammer @ McMahon Stadium

  6. RT @GeordieMacleod: RIP Normie.

  7. RT @GeordieMacleod: RIP Normie.

  8. RT @WHLHitmen: #WHLHitmen unveil new jerseys for the 2016-17 season! #PUREhockey #NewThreads

  9. RT @JDfromCJAY: A Johnny Cash cover from @VOLBEAT? Awesome.

  10. RT @calstampeders: 🏃 @bigern10 looks ready to take on the 🐮 #WorldsFastestCow It all goes down Sunday at McMahon. @CowboysCalgary https://…

  11. @AmazingRaceFlms #FinishLine

  12. Video is a throwback to One and Sandman. I am unsure of the lyrics.. I hope the album has the same depth as DM.

  13. RT @RyanThompson: .@Canon 1D X Mark II, with a 70-200mm lens, focused at 135mm and set it at a slow shutter speed (1/40th of a second) http…

  14. RT @calstampeders: No. 9 is a hit in his new ambassador role. Come celebrate @jonnycornish on #LegacyDay Sept 17 when we play Ottawa! https…

  15. Let's just hope Vader will sic Mr. Fett on that Rebel scum.