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Found 24 results

  1. Finally got some time to mess around with these hockey uniform templates. I thought I'd try doing hockey uniform versions of the 4 final teams in the NFL playoffs. Never did a mash up before so thought I'd try it out. Wanted to see what the thoughts were. It's the Patriots, Jaguars, Vikings and Eagles. I took various parts of the design from elements of the football uniform, IE: Pant shell stripes from pants, socks from socks or sleeve striping and jersey elements influenced by the elements on the football jerseys. Really enjoyed doing these and experimenting a bit. I didn't change/adjust any of the team logos. I just used the versions that the teams use in the NFL. Hopefully this works.
  2. Jaguar High School Logo

    A concept for my old high school. They never used a jaguar logo, they only used a paw print copied straight from Clemson. C&C wanted
  3. 2017-2018 NFL Concepts

    Imgur Album Links: Saints Steelers Cowboys Chargers Rams Falcons Packers Jaguars Patriots Eagles With the NFL Playoffs starting today, I decided to mock up some ideas I had for a three NFL Teams: the Saints, Steelers, and Cowboys. I loved the color rush uniforms for both the Saints and Steelers; ideas from both are implemented in these concepts. For the Saints, the concept basically is their color rush; there is no reason they shouldn't adopt that look full time. I simplified their helmet logo a bit and brought back the Louisiana state outline logo as a chest patch. In addition to the white jerseys taken from the color rush set, the concept includes a black jersey with gold-white-gold-white-gold stripes as well as a gold jersey with b-w-b-w-b stripes. An alternate white helmet idea is also shown; it would only be used if the NFL were to lift the one helmet rule, obviously.
  4. NFL concepts -Bengals

    After a long time of looking at the great work of others on this site and after almost two years of making concepts I've finally decided to post some of them here. First up is my hometown team the Atlanta Falcons. C&C is greatly appreciated. Sorry it's posted as a link I've been having trouble getting it to actually post the picture. I will also post some other teams that I have done and they are in no particular order.
  5. NFL Concepts - Fixin' Florida

    Hey, y'all. I haven't posted any concepts here in a while for many reasons, of which I will name a few (and I'm not calling anyone out, I just have a few things to get off my chest): Most of my hard work gets pushed down to the depths of the second or third page by sloppy, rushed, and half-baked concepts that for one reason or another stay on the top page and get millions of comments. There are many immature people here that simply post things like "your concept sucks," "this is terrible," or (and this is my personal favorite) "your idea is wrong because of x, y, and z. This would never be seen in real life!" And these next ones, to show that I'm not solely passing the blame on others, have to do with my flaws. I have trouble with commitment; I say I'm starting a series with the intent on finishing it in its entirety, yet I never do. Even with all of the sub-par work out there that I mentioned, there is a ton of great work on these boards and I feel as though my concepts get overshadowed because my skills are not as great as others.And last but not least, it's something that everyone on here experiences: Life. Life has just been crazy lately and I haven't had the time to sit down and work on some concepts like I would like to. So, there you have it. I don't plan on making this a series per se because I know that I'm not going to get all of the teams finished. But let's just say, if I do get some stuff done I'll dump it here. TL;DR - I haven't posted concepts in awhile due to silly things but I'm posting a few now because of reasons. And if I haven't lost you yet, I'll explain a little bit about each concept. Over the past couple of years, Nike has graced all of us with redesigns of each of the three teams that call Florida their home (...why on earth does Florida need three NFL teams?). All three designs have been not well-received to put it lightly. However, each overhaul shares some qualities that, IMO, are worth saving or fixing. I have attempted to fix all three Floridian teams to my liking. While there may not be any major changes, I did work hard on these. In fact, I've been working on Jacksonville and Tampa Bay off and on for a while, and I started on Miami about five hours ago and just finished not too long ago. To get things started we have the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, the Jaguars probably have the worst look of these three teams currently and that's mainly because of their helmet. The black to gold concept isn't too bad of one in theory and especially when the idea behind the helmet was to, and I'm paraphrasing here, "show the Jaguar lurking from the shadows into the light." Pretty cool, huh? Not so much. The current Jags helmet goes from gold to black suggesting that the jaguar is crawling back into the darkness, probably to escape the perpetual mediocrity that rushes onto the field year after year. All kidding aside, though, I actually think the helmet could work if done properly, which is what I tried to do. The helmet now goes from black to gold so that the Jaguar is emerging from the darkness. As for the jerseys, teal is making its triumphant comeback as the primary color. Black has had its time as being the Jaguars primary color. Besides, it's still featured prominently throughout the color scheme and I've even included a special "black out" alternate jersey. I fixed the problems of the black numbers on the teal jersey as dark numbers on a dark jersey hardly ever work out. The TV numbers are on the sleeves instead of the shoulders to make room for the subliminal jaguar-spotted striping pattern on the shoulders. This pattern can also be seen on the pants. So, here are the Jaguars: *click for zoom* Up next we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay, in my opinion, actually have some pretty awesome uniforms, it's just that the number font is a mess. But before we get into that, let's talk a little bit about the logo and colors. I don't know if you can tell or not, but I significantly darkened the red and reduced the color scheme to red/pewter/silver. The logo has the "tatters" n the flag just as the previous logo did and the entire concept is devoid of orange (except for the football in the logo). The uniforms still have the shoulder yoke that the Bucs' current jerseys do except for the fact that it extends all of the way to the collar -- which is all pewter instead of half pewter, half red. The yoke has some stripes on it to emulate slashes of a sword as does the long stripe on the pants (in all honesty I tried making the pant stripe mimic a sword/sheath). The alarm-clock number font is completely replaced by a modern, yet simple font that makes due without horrible gimmicks. Oh, and the shoulder logos now match. The "Bucs" wordmark is now strictly on the chest, right above the number. The Buccaneers, gentlemen: *click for zoom* Finally we have the team that has probably received the least amount of criticism from the Nike overhaul: the Miami Dolphins. Let me begin by saying that I love Miami's new logo. At first I was like "meh, it's alright." But it's grown on me and I believe it to be multiple times better than their previous logo. That being said, I don't much care for the blue in the color scheme. The Dolphins should always be just aqua and orange. The blue in the logo will stay on the helmet, but you won't find it anywhere on the jerseys. The aqua facemask is also making a well-needed comeback. The jerseys are simple, yet a little different from what the 'phins have ever worn. The helmet, pant, and shoulder stripes are all the exact same on the home uniform and the only one that differs on the away uniform is the helmet stripe. The shoulders feature Northwestern stripes on a background that is the same color of the pants, or opposite that of the jersey. Currently, the Dolphins have this really hokey number font that I'm not too fond of, so I used a different font that is slimmer and looks better, IMO. There's not much else to say about this one, as it's pretty straightforward. Here are the Dolphins to wrap it up: *click for zoom* So, if you read all of that guys; I thank you very much. Please share any thoughts, comments, or constructive criticism with me as I'm always open to suggestions on how to progress my ideas! Thanks for viewing everyone, have a nice day!
  6. NFL Concepts - Fixin' Florida

    Double post; please delete. See other "NFL Concepts: Fixin' Florida"
  7. I was recently posting a few of my fauxbacks to non-existent 60’s uniforms when a poster suggested I try other eras. Sounded like fun, so here it is. The evolution of the Jacksonville Jaguars uniform from the 1st season in 1964 until they finally arrived at their iconic look in 1995. (From ’95 on, I think we all know where their uniforms go.) In ’64 they debuted in a solid combo in Royal Blue and Old Gold. Nothing too flashy, but attractive. They decided to go with the full body Jaguar logo instead of the “JJ” prototype you still see on-line occasionally. Six years later, it was decided the color scheme and stripes needed to be punched up a bit. The blue was lightened for the Florida sun, and old gold was traded for a bright Athletic Gold. They got a little heat from fans for copying the Packers, somewhat, but the helmet logo was redesigned to a head shot of the original logo, which proved popular. By ’77, it was time for some updating. The jersey and pants remained relatively unchanged, except for some tinkering with the road jersey stripes and the widening of the pants stripes. The big change was to the helmet, where gold was swapped for blue, and the Jags’ first colored facemask was added. Also, big changes came to the logo, as black was added for detail, including for the first time spots! Some fans grumbled about the adding of black, a non-team color, but ownership assured the fans that, like the Chiefs and Niners, black was merely there to accentuate the logo and would never make its way onto the rest of the uniform. (Hmm.) In 83 another big change came as, in an effort for a bit of uniqueness, the light blue morphed slightly towards the green. At that time you didn’t hear the term “Teal” very often, but it definitely gave the Jags a one of a kind appearance, especially the Blue-Green helmet. In addition at this time, the stripes were simplified through-out. Six years later, the modern Jags look really starts to take shape. Athletic Gold was starting to feel a little passé so the decision was made to bring back the original Old Gold. Also, despite the earlier assurances that it wouldn’t happen, the black appeared on the rest of the uniform as trim, one of the first examples of BFBS. The repetition of the helmet logo on the sleeve was popular at the time, although it feels very 80’s now. Within a few years, the front office took note that the majority of fan gear sold featured black as a color, so in 1995 they gave in and made black more prominent on the uniform, still proclaiming to be a “Teal First” team. The original full-body helmet logo returned, in updated form, as a sleeve stripe. I think quite a few posters still feel that the ’95 look was their best.
  8. There are very few uniforms in the NFL that I can actually say I disapprove of. However, there are a few teams that I think need to do something a little different. So, I will not post full uniforms because some of these teams I post only need to add these helmets to their current uniforms in my perfect world. So without further babbling, I present the first helmet: I find nothing wrong with the current Jerseys and pants of the Jags, but I hate their ugly mediocre helmet. When they wore the helmets last year that changed from black to teal in the light, I was happy as could be. I love those helmets, so I thought I would create a design for one that turns to a brighter teal when in the light but it features their new logo. Simple but a great design.
  9. Jaguars Inspired Uniform Concept

    So last night I was watching the Broncos murder the Ravens, all while looking here at the concepts people have been putting together to fix the Jags. Then I started thinking, "How bad must those new jags uniforms and helmets look out on the field." So then it hit me, that I would redesign the Broncos to have a Jags inspired look so I could prove just how ridiculous it would look on other teams. So without further ado, here is my quickly done concept. Keep in mind this is meant just to show the ridiculousness of this style and not meant to be an outstandingly done concept.
  10. My attempt at fixing the Jaguars

    This is my first concept I have actually completed and been willing to share on here. It's for my hometown Jags, aka .. the worst uniform in sports (at least in the NFL). I don't hate the new uniform but the helmet is enough to drag down the rest of the set to forever alone status. I'll be keeping parts og the new set and tweaking others to try to make the best of a bad situation. Jersey: kept the claw marks on the shoulders, but tweaked themmoved the tv numbers to the sleeves to fill in the empty spacekept number and nob font because I think it works well on the uniforms (thanks to Conrad for making the font available)teal home, white away, black alt ... like it should bePants: Tried to use as much color as possible after their last two sets have failed in their minimalist mono color schemesWent back and forth a lot on the piping colorA lot of people wont like these I am sureHelmet: Started out matte black fan for the Jags .. but the gold just worked so much betteris the darker gold from the new logostripe comes to a point, forming another "cat scratch" claw mark that I couldn't get the right perspective on in the rearview so I left it off... and here we go ...
  11. Jags Concept/Tweak?

    Much like most of you, I am disturbed by the direction the Jaguars have gone with their helmets (and uniforms). I don't particularly hate the uniforms, but the helmet is god-awful. I think we all agree on that. I've decided to take to the [Microsoft] Paint canvas for the first time in a while to hopefully conquer the challenge of a Jags set that everyone will like. *fingers crossed* What I've done: -enlarged the helmet logo -eliminated the gold from the helmet (matte black!) -Teal is the primary home uniform -Single outline on numbers/names (for simplicity's sake) -Tried to distribute colors pretty equally among sets, with the option of having teal, white, or black-heavy sets -Simplified the alt logo, not a fan of "JAGS" in an official logo That's the jist of it, I've done a lot of simplification. Anyway... Here it is. Projected Primary home set: With black pants Projected Primary road set: White-Out: Black-Out: With white pants P.S. I'm actually very proud of this set, especially after such a long hiatus haha. I'm actually in love with the blackout (sue me!). Yes, that's a gradient. But It helped with the color balance, and it'll still be legible. Annnnd, this is a template I made from scratch, just for the hell of it. Thanks for viewing! C&C Please
  12. An interesting article from Fastcompany I figured would be relevant to the folks here. Enjoy!
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars concept

    So, the Jags new look is a big mess. Obviously the helmet is a nightmare but IMO the pants are nearly as bad. I think the helmets kind of overshadows any other problems, and on the flip side, keeps you from noticing a jersey that actually gets some things right. Here's my "fix." I went with a teal helmet because, basically, I've just never seen one and think it would look cool. Plus, there's more than enough black in the NFL these days... any chance to lighten up a color scheme, I'd take. And using teal for both helmet and jersey gives me the opportunity to go with gold pants... dark over dark over light is classic football. This uniform eliminates the possibility of monochrome (plus) and leotard pants/socks (big plus). I'd like a little help with a helmet stripe. I feel like there should be one, but am having trouble with it. The asymmetrical pants stripes are making it hard for me to come up with a helmet stripe. Tell me what you think.
  14. http://s1102.photobu...09983.jpeg.html Blue: AFC East Green: AFC North Orange: AFC South Red: AFC West As you can see (or not cause this is pretty :censored:ty haha), I relocated the Bills to Toronto, the Dolphins to South Beach, The Chargers to Portland, Oregon, and the Jaguars to Los Angeles. I think those cities are more deserving than the ones that have their teams currently and make the divisions make more sense. Update: Here is what I have so far for the Los Angeles Grizzlies! Logo Home
  15. Welp, they're here and so are the opinions. Some like 'em, some don't. I seem to be with the majority who thinks that, while the helmets look something close to Danny Devito's bumcheek (sorry for the visual, but I figure you guys can take anything after seeing that helmet, right?), the uniforms themselves aren't half bad. Fairly decent, even. But who ever said that fairly decent ought to be enough? That's where we come in. I've made just a few changes that have probably already been discussed by other members to turn "fairly decent" into "decenter-ish" while keeping the overall design aspect intact. All I've done is: -Fix the helmet. There's no dissent here. It's gotta go. Here, it's been replaced with one that is matte black. The all-black fits with the set (as well as their tradition) and the matte, I believe, would make the shiny shoulder thingies come out a bit in comparison. -Thin the pants stripe. Not many would say that the Jags failed the the pants design, but I think it could be better. They said they wanted it to convey "speed," though, as it is, it's a little clunky. This could be fixed by thinning the stripe just a bit so it's closer to a conventional stripe. This better conveys speed. The logo has been spotted to follow the change. -Add a sock stripe. I've never been bothered THAT much by the leotard look, but it's worth avoiding it where one can. The tension is broken with a simple teal and gold stripe on the black socks. -Move the patch. Some dislike the patch. I rather like it, but it just seems so much more natural that it goes on the sleeves. I mean, I know you wanna keep your fans close to your heart, but why not proudly wear them on your sleeves? Also, it adds a design element to the big teal blotch and makes it less blinding. But, hey. Enough of my yakking! Whattaya say? Let's boogie! Btw, the monitor I did this on must be pretty crummy because I swear the helmet didn't look that blotchy before. Whatcha gonna do? Also btw, the base that I worked with isn't mine. I'm not sure about whose it is, but I appreciate it's existence.
  16. I'm painfully new here, so hear me out. While browsing, I've seen multiple concepts for the Jaguar's new unis and, frankly, I've yet to see one I was really into (Too many prints for my taste). However, I decided that I ought not really open my mouth until I put my own contribution on the table, so I bring you 2013 new Jaguars Nike uniforms using HVF's Nike 51 Elite template.Basing off of the new secondary logo's paying tribute to the city's military heritage, I tried to make the unis innovative, but serious Since they were my favorite looks the Jags brought out last season, the home and away will be all-black and all-white respectively. Here is the new home look. I gave them a pretty minimal motif based on thick, adjacent stripes (I know they kind of look like flags for flag football on the pants. Bear with me). While not directly related to the military, their usage seems to make me think of "army" and the like. While it was said they would be mostly black and gold with "little teal," I couldn't help but play with the numbers (I know, they're a bit small) a bit, which came out to be new Nike experimental color-shifting numbers that are consistent with the new team font. On the homers, they shift between teal and grey (a very Nike color) depending on lighting and perspective (think Oregon). The homer's socks complete the all-black look, though added are some gold stripes to cancel the "leotard" look.The cuffs and collar were kept black to keep with the overall seriousness and to avoid the "toilet seat" neck. Also, I kept the all-black helmet with the teal sparkle (no matte, chrome, or any of that ) from the past few years because I still like the idea, though I'd like to see Nike make it better and more visible. And, of course, the bad-ass new shield logo will obligatorily go on the sleeves. [ The aways feature a black-and-white them, if anything, to almost form a concept that the colors belong at home. Not much else to say here except that the numbers now shift between black and grey. (Please excuse the unprofessional splotches. Long story.) Here serves as a bit of a clarification on what the underarm/pants stripes ought to look like from a side view. Since it was confirmed that there will always be a teal uni to be worn as a tradition for one game a year, I mock up an edition with a teal jersey. It is very much like the white unifrom save its teal base (reminiscient of the recent teal unis). Of course, why should Nike stop at recolor? Why not every year rotate in a different or new version of the teal each year. They could introduce new throwbacks or Pro Combats each year.For simplisity's sake, I've started with a throwback. But I couldn't just go the easy way out. No, I threw all the way back. I present to you the Jaguars first throwback: the 1993 Pre-franchise unis that never saw a game (or, as I like to call them, the "Lawsuits"). These come complete with the full 90's look that was proposed then scrapped over controversy with Jaguar motor company over the logo back when Jax was granted a franchise, featuring the Jaguar jumping across the shoulders, silver helmet and pants, and only one colored sleeve cuff. I couldn't necessarily find an aesthetically pleasing way around it without going full-Texan, so, for now, you get toilet seat collar. My condolences go out to those affected. (Reference: http://www.sportslog...vhxgf4q5ts53hvy) If Jaguar still has a problem with it, then the helmet could easily be subbed with the one that GotPixels made that is the same but with the new Jag head logo. C/C is appreciated (though time may restrict me from making small adjustments), though I'd really like to hear if you could really see these on a field, realistically buy one, or if it would even fit better on a different team. Thank you for your kindness.
  17. Jaguars New Uni's - Teal Alts?

    Since I hate mega threads I am going to start one for the Jaguars new uniforms. I don't remember any talk of teal alts for the Jags. I found this quote interesting. "The goal was to make a change," Jaguars president Mark Lamping told fans at a Fan Forum event. "The idea was to continue to have teal be a part of every uniform that we wear, and that that teal jersey would become our version of that Notre Dame green jersey. Notre Dame has a green jersey they wear occasionally. You don't know when they're going to wear it, but when they bring it out, there's tremendous support and it gets a lot of attention." So it sounds like the Jags will sill have a teal uni after all.
  18. What do y'all think? Kind of went for a blend of the old uniforms they had up until '09 with a little bit of modernization. I used more black and less teal because that's what Khan said we would go for. Also tried to use the new Nike type collar. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions, please just let me know.
  19. **UPDATES POSTED FURTHER BELOW** Home - Black, w/ Digital Camo Sleeves. Shield logo on each sleeve. A Bold Gold Stripe begins at the front armpit and slightly curves throught the back side of the hip and ends in a sharp point just above the knee. Teal is absent in the Home design other than on the Jaguar head logo. Considered having the US Flag on one sleeve instead having both sleeves having the shield. Away - White, with Digital Camo Sleeves. I need to change the Nike swoosh to black. London Home Alternate - word is the Shield logo cannot be used while in london. This made sense to me, you wouldnt want to go into another country with a military theme... So for London, the theme is Peace. Teal is used as the Primary color, the bold Stripe remains consistant on all three jerseys but instead of camo sleeves, the alternate has black collar and cuffs, Uses the primary logo in place of the shield on the sleeves and on the upper chest the wordmark is used with US and UK flags beside it. Number font* Decided on a basic varsity block look... the sharp edge font used in the wordmark didnt fit well on the uniforms. like with the previous branding, there will likely be seperate style for the logos and marketing purposes and one used soley on the jerseys. Helmets... think oregon state, boise state matte black... no glare, shimmer or shine. helmet variations.
  20. I thought I'd try my hand at a new uniform/script for the Jaguars. I don't think the new font goes particularly well with the new logo, so I wanted something a little sleeker but with an edge. Comment it up, people!
  21. New Jaguars Uniform Concept

    I have been working on concepts for over 2 years now and I have always been baffled with how to handle the Jaguars. With the release of the new logo yesterday and the growth in my skills of working my paint program, I decided I would try again. The news release said that the team would be using more gold in their new scheme, so I incorporated that. I don't know how many people like the helmet finish that the Jags have used over the past few years, but I did like them. All I did with the helmet was change the speckle from teal to gold. The rest of the uniform is pretty self explanatory. Let me know what you think. I'm only going to post the Homes for now and I'm open for constructive criticism and modifying the concept a bit. Here it is
  22. NFL Concepts

    I've made this Steelers concept a few months back, but I never got around to posting it. I recently made the Seahawks and Cowboys to go along with it. STEELERS With the Steelers, I really didn't change much. I simplified the shoulder stripe and added a wordmark to the chest. The helmet is matte, and the yellow stripe has a steel pattern in it. Home- Away- ALT- Helmet - SEAHAWKS For the Seahawks, I went with a Seahawks stripe down the shoulder. It isn't clearly illustarted, but it's meant to look MSU/ Texas A&M like. The logo is the same, except for green replacing the gray. Logo- Home- Away- ALT - Helmet- COWBOYS For the Cowboys, I went with a traditional look. I originally planned to have a beveled star, but it didn't look right and I just went with a plain star. The ALT or "Throwback" in this set would be the current road unis. Logo- Blue- White-
  23. Well, I did have a topic, then the boards updated, and the topic was I'll start another. If the other topic comes back, mods, can you merge the two? I originally posted this guy: It was received as too Flying Elvisy. I did a quick update based on feedback and this is where we are at. It needs updating to the back feathers, line weight, etc..this is just a rough concept and will benefit greatly from C&C. Inspiration from the Jags current logo, the SDSU logo, and apparently the Flying Elvis. Please refrain from making this a flame war over which team is moving blah blah blah. This is just a logo concept, nothing more.