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  1.  of course the clown cop falls in love with the fattest stripper imaginable http://t.co/jEAfX35T7U

  2. ! https://t.co/B3NMKem5ks

  3. . @Dodgers where exactly is Popcornopolis? Is it a suburb? Bedroom community? Sovereign state for tax evading mountain men?

  4. . @Jeremy_Roenick hey there's nothing wrong with me. Can I get an RT for not faking an illness or for not having a dying wish to trend? Thx

  5. .@andrewstanton are you concerned that the Veggietales people will coincide a DVD called Finding Jesus when your Dory film comes out?

  6. .@cbcradiowest one of the finest female masturbation songs ever

  7. .@Cmdr_Hadfield your roaming charges must be through the roof.

  8. .@gerryduggan thanks for your recognition of my recognition of you. Please send me an autographed Brian Posehn.

  9. .@KidAgency67408 no

  10. "@604Heather: I would #drunktweet but I fell asleep after one glass of wine. :(" and by glass she means super gulp cup

  11. "@BigPileofSalt: Boooaaaaat shoooooow" // It's like a donkey show, but with boats!

  12. "@FoxMe: Still looking for a place to stay during #SXSW. If you know of ... a spare couch or room, give me a holler// ATTN @causticchick

  13. "@hockeynight: Two quick goals from the #Caps have made this a 3-0 game! What are you thinking, #Jets fans? #hockeynight" I'm thinking :censored:.

  14. "@jocethetip: I don't really think you're all :censored:s, bee tee dubs." Just me. That's cool.

  15. "@kingsthings: Intv'ing @OfficialJLD tomorrow -what do you want to know?" Were the stories about Milton Berle true?

  16. "@MLB: The wait is OVER. Pitchers. Catchers. TODAY." Absolutely love that @fakedansavage rt'ed this first

  17. "@neilhimself: There is a @BlackBerry film crew in my garage. Today will be odd." // I'll say! BLACKBERRY???

  18. "@Netflix_CA: Week feeling long already? Just Go with It and kick back and relax with this Aniston-Sandler comedy" // NEVER

  19. "@NHL: How pumped are all you #Isles fans?" You spelled "both" wrong.

  20. "@strombone1: Just woke up from a cat nap..... What did I miss?" Reimer is hurt, you're getting sent down to the Leafs.

  21. "@TSN_News: Lee-less Warriors meet Nuggets in Game 2 on TSN2 http://t.co/Je7CmJ5x6j" // Sorry guys. I'll make it up to you.

  22. "I know what a rusty trombone is, Jerri, I used to be a stewardess." #strangerswithcandy

  23. "ITS TAYBACK TIME!" -Vic Tayback, immediately before banging a hooker probably