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  1. @adam_fuentes well, if you're familiar with the Dragon Age oeuvre...


  3. @alannabelak this is the female equivalent of a guy drooling over tentacle porn

  4. @atf13atf John Michael Lulz

  5. @atf13atf saving this for Facebook. Maybe tumblr

  6. @DavidGogoBlues come gamble at the casino afterward! I'll make sure you're at a good table. #pitboss

  7. @doughboy767 it was five or ten. Five was easier for him to grab the ball. Also the shoes weren't that dry and I cranked my knee.

  8. @DougStanhope also, check these guys out https://t.co/e2viBd5CMo

  9. @fergoe Jesus, here I am thinking Hancock is dead and it's a football player.

  10. @KurtBusiek I'd imagine eavesdropping on a conversation between GM and Garth Ennis would bring on a migraine or six

  11. @Regnimalia https://t.co/Mt6rxOszo9

  12. @RogersHelps when signing in on ps3 it kept saying network problem. It works on ps4. I'll just use that one.

  13. @saintrudolf cheapest blinds ever.

  14. @torturedpotato condolences

  15. @trburton63 you're really going to hold Jimmy Mann up as an example?

  16. @Unblock_Us Netflix can tell I'm using a proxy, has this been addressed yet?

  17. @vrunt can't pick a season. Fifth maybe. Nightman Cometh is the quintessential episode though

  18. @YaleHollander you need to step away from the Manischewitz

  19. :censored:, I'd wager. RT @HockeyBrunch: Gosh, I wonder what they'll look like. MT @Esbee92 Checkers unveiling new uniforms on Wednesday.

  20. :censored:. Now I really want to listen to The Band.

  21. $20 for Arkham City? Maybe I will.

  22. $500 for Xbox One. Your move, Sony.

  23. A Bismarck, but with bone marrow instead of pastry cream

  24. A Chinese cross dresser with the stage name Vera Wang