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  1. The problem with the jerseys on the players is that we’ve seen the 3 on Byard appear stretched, as well as the 82 on Walker.
  2. No, I don't. The numbers need to be rotated. Not flipped. EDIT: The post above shows the correct orientation.
  3. The 3 is still backwards on the right shoulder.
  4. Not the best font choice, but I like the direction of this. More in line with the "evolution" of their look like Amy Adams-Strunk has previously said.
  5. I’m already excited for 2023 after seeing that. Good god. I know now I shouldn’t rush to judgment until seeing the full uniform but that standalone jersey is terrible. Just about every aspect of it is bad, especially that number font after what they’ve been using on social media and their website.
  6. It’s still on the left hand side for the ARCA Race on FS1. I don’t know why they’re trying this again. Didn’t work the first time and it still doesn’t.
  7. As a BC native, the name is perfect. I really like the colour scheme as it is something different since it doesn't have any blue. One critique - I don't think the crest needs BCFC or 2019 on there.
  8. randyc

    NHL 2017-18

    Laaaaaazy. Disappointed the Canes kept their current away uniform.
  9. randyc

    NHL 2017-18

    The only thing that really bugs me about this unveiling are the collars. The four options are terrible, nothing about them looks nice in the versions we've seen (minus the Red Wings). Flames, Ducks, Kings, Sabres, Caps, and Sens all kept bad designs. Adidas isn't totally to blame for that. The teams and those is charge of these decisions are. Devils aren't bad, however, it's just not good for them. My hot take - I really like the Oilers look. Navy and all.
  10. randyc

    NHL 2017-18

    All of the collars seem to look exactly the same so far...
  11. Ever since moving to Puma, I haven't been a big fan of Arsenal's kits. Back on April Fools, there was an article saying Arsenal was going to move to Adidas, but of course it wasn't true. I decided to do up some concepts if Arsenal were to return to Adidas. After seeing Adidas using tonal stripes with Ajax's new primary kit, it gave me some hope for future Adidas kits. Anyways, leave C&C if you wish. Enjoy!
  12. randyc

    NHL 2017-18

    Disappointed not to see the Canucks on the list as I was hoping the arched Vancouver script from the jerseys was gone.
  13. Couple more pictures for Arsenal's new kits.
  14. Unfortunately I don't have any ideas for the Edmonton franchise, however, these first two concepts are great with a nice and clean presentation. I especially like the Owls crest! Can't wait to see the rest.
  15. I watched some of the game and couldn't make out any names, and the numbers were very hard to make out at times too. A white stroke around the numbers and lettering would help make things pop a little. The black doesn't work at all.
  16. I really hope this red regular cap and jersey for the Blue Jays is only for this season since it's Canada's 150th birthday.
  17. From Paul Kuharsky on ESPN...LINK Owner Amy Adams says the team will be wearing new uniforms for the 2018 season. Apparently slight modifications and nothing major in terms of colours or the logo. I, for one, can't wait for these changes. I don't mind the current look, but they are in need of an update.
  18. I had thought NASCAR announced Monster would be replacing names on the top of the windshield ala the Xfinity and Camping World Series.
  19. Canucks wore their West Coast Express era dark jerseys in warmup tonight as they inducted Mattias Ohlund into their Ring of Honour. One issue with the jersey, is a missing shard of ice in the logo. Could also be the way the crest is laying, but there also appears to be other inconsistencies with the logo as the eye looks bigger, dorsal fin also looks a little thin. For a team that has a 'Fight the Fake' page to educate fans on purchasing counterfeit jerseys, this is pretty sad.
  20. I'm liking this project so far and can't wait to see what the Jays will look like. @mhenderson95 Cool to see someone from CanucksArmy over here! Been a reader for quite a while now.
  21. The other thing I just realized is this quote, "Fanatics officials say they plan to improve the appearance of jerseys. Because the jerseys looked too bulky for fans who didn't wear pads under them, the company has created a stretch fabric that fits better." The guy in the picture is wearing a hoodie underneath the jersey. It looks just as "baggy" as the current Reebok replicas.
  22. I don't want to pay $170 or more for a jersey that may resemble the ugly Walmart versions along with a retail store's logo on it. However, I'll have to wait and see the whole product and how close they are to the authentic versions. As someone who collects jerseys, my initial reaction to this news is this is not a good thing.