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  1. i think those newcastle baby and navy blue kits. sometimes that combo comes off bad, but I'm generally a fan of teams like the utah jazz and the dallas mavs that have tried two tones of blue on the same jersey.
  2. Love the sports guy and love the mainstream attention soccer has been getting, but on this sports guy is totally lame. who would pick a team just out of the blue? wouldn't it make sense to watch a season, see a bunch of games featuring different teams from FSC, see which players jump out at you and pick a team that way? who can pick a team arbitrarily? And I would disagree with calling Man U. the 'yankees' of the premiership.
  3. I was a big fan of those Michigan "M" jerseys. whatevs.
  4. dude, that's an awesome concept. the blue jerseys with the white helmets would work best. I went to pep, and i doubt i'll ever see anything but frisbee being played at the track.
  5. I'm an idiot with computers so I can't figure out how to post the pic, but the The Sun newspaper of London has a pic of Wayne Rooney in the new home Man U Kit. Either enter through their main page at or try this link,,,2002390...6320444,00.html
  6. I know I am in the very tiny minority, and that this is an old debate, but I still think the Texans' logo is just too similar in concept to the U-Texas Longhorns. And I realize that the Lone Star is the great and proud symbol of Texas, but does every Texas team have to feature a star? I mean, does every Canadian team feature a Maple Leaf?
  7. double A's are a bad idea. Alcoholics Anonymous?
  8. The NASL had some butters logos, specifically the Cosmos and Aztecs. Those prices aren't even so bad once converted to amuhrican dollars
  9. ohhh boo-hoo, a firesale robbed our desire to go to games. PLEnty of fans in all sports have supported their teams in decent numbers despite absolutely awful ownership. The warmer the weather, the worse the sports market, it's as simple as that. as for montreal, I would love to see them get a triple aaa team. the baseball fans in that town deserve baseball, and since an mlb team returning is a pipe dream, a triple aaa club would be perfect.
  10. Relegation makes little sense for a league that is not on sound financial footing. I agree that it would be bad for a handful of teams to dominate, then again, I'm quite wary of MLS over-expansion. I think Toronto will be a great market, but then again, how are Colorado, Kansas City and Salt Lake doing? I think that keeping the amount of teams down will help foster more passionate rivalries from teams facing each other more and maybe get fans more excited about their squad's postseason chances since, presumably, there's a better chance of success for every team in a smaller league. Then again, it's pretty much been DC, the Galaxy, the Fire, and then everybody else.
  11. What's the argument here? The very fact that MLS still exists in the year 2006 is a complete victory. From extremely humble beginnings the league now features several soccer-only stadiums, decent-quality soccer, a decent exposure on national television (espn 2 is certainly not the hinterlands) and the uniform designs, by and large, get better every year. I dare say that it is approaching hockey as the 4th spectator sport in the U.S. of A. (burn me at the stake!) I look back with only horror at the league's first days, those silly names, those awful kits. Sure, euro-style names are a little wacky when used here, but they are leaps and bounds better than the singular wave of names like the clash, mutiny, fusion, burn, etc. Those that hate on MLS are either soccer-haters who won't ever be convinced of the beautiful game or they are soccer-lovers who prefer to watch european or south american club soccer, which is fine, but just let MLS live. Now just give me a team that actually plays in New York City and I'll be happy.
  12. I'm a New Yorker (well, not currently) and while the retros are all well and good, the current style as worn by erick barkley, omar cook and marcus hatten up to today with 'showtime' hill are the ones for me. they are sleek and bold. that being said, I just want them to return to the Big East Tournament, to the N.I.T., baby steps, baby steps.
  13. I was always a fan of the "Redmen" but I found "Red Storm" too not be too bad. "STJ" makes perfect sense, especially cosidering that those are the letters they use on their baseball caps. I hope they don't change the wordmark and style of their basketball uni's, it's the best ones they've had in their history.
  14. I've always thought that the Clippers' logo was a ripoff of the Lakers' logo. The team name in italics with a basketball behind it and that's basically it. Bleh. I liked the Clippers' jerseys better before they added the bulky blue block down the side of their roads. I agree, they've always looked cheap.
  15. Has the blue used by the Mets on their caps ever matched the blue used on either Brooklyn or L.A. Dodger hats? What's interesting is that whenever you see a Mets concept on these boards or elsewhere you never see anyone messing with the basic "Mets" font/script across the chest. I don't know where it came from since it seems to have nothing to do with the Giants and Dodgers but it's a brilliant and appealing font/script. (sorry, i'm bad at logo terminology). I remember being at the Mets clubhouse store in Midtown back when the black jerseys and the black/blue hats very soon after they were first unveiled. A couple of old-timers were grouching about it, but the clerk said the black merchandise was flying off the shelves. I don't know, I feel like the Mets were a prominent brand, not only in NY but nationally, back in the glorious 80's. I'm sure they would sell just as much merch today if they went back to just blue and orange. Maybe I'm wrong since the Knicks went to black as well.
  16. schtee

    SF Giants

    Don't like it, sorry, but I wouldn't mind seeing the script 60's style "Giants" at home.
  17. If the blue doesn't match the black, then why the heck did the Mets ever add the black to everything in the first place? Many of the Mets' looks are atrocious, but the worst is that in-between hat, the black one with the blue bill. UGH. Anybody remember when silver was added to Mets jerseys in the mid-80's? And I know it's a pipe dream, but I think certain teams and certain jerseys would be better if they used 80's style softball jerseys. The Mets, the Cubs alternates off the top of my head.
  18. Forget the debate of whether or not Wahoo is offensive, it's just a plain ugly logo, made worse by its use on the hats. Only my opinion, but baseball caps should have letters on them, Orioles and, uh, Brewers excluded. Whatevs, my point is that it is just plain ugly. Moreover, evidence from the time (microfilm of the Plain Dealer) reveals that Cleveland may have changed its name simply because Indian imagery was popular at the time, not in honor of Sockalexis, who never even played for the team (played for the NL Spiders). Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with the Indians if they had a classy logo like the Redskins or Blackhawks. St. John's Redmen, R.I.P.
  19. Perhaps i'm in the minority, but I love the crest, name and jerseys of Red Bull New York. Maybe it's because i always thought Metrostars was so lame and their identity package so generic and uninspired. if they do indeed add a second team to the NY market and they put it in the same stadium in Harrison, N.J. then the MLS brass are bigger idiots than I thought. What are the team colors now exactly? Not red and black anymore right?
  20. woah...this is awesome, far more striking and impressive than the generic badge they went with. nice work! especially the unique font for the interlocking H and D.
  21. I'm a New Yorker and soccer fan and I enthusiastically welcome this change. I've always felt that the Metrostars' name and identity were lackluster, from the nonsensical (but amusing) taxicab to the current bland and generic badge. moreover, i think a change in identity would help invigorate this franchise that has had a mediocre history thus far. and, hopefully, new ownership of the metrostars could lead to the addition of a second franchise in new york....bring back the cosmos!
  22. If i'm not mistaken, the idea came from Al Spalding, the sporting goods magnate and creator of the Doubleday myth, as a way to increase uniform sales. There's a picture of a team rocking this idea in the Ken Burns gigantic "Baseball" book that accompanied the documentary.
  23. The jerseys definitely look more soccer-appropriate. The helmets are great, very G.I. Joe, and it's a good shade of blue.
  24. hey, whattaya know, yet another team with a five-pointed star. i know it's the lone-star state but it's overkill. it's the cowboy's star in different colors with 1836 written across it.
  25. Why does this team exist at all? Awful logo, caps and jerseys, awful stadium, awful teams (until recently), awful ownership. Their move towards green has worked out well, if only because what came before was so disgusting.