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  1. It's definitely a debatable point. I'll present my side. Until the 90's the Raiders were one of the few pro teams to prominently use the color black. N.W.A., and other gangsta rap groups heavily rocked Raiders and Kings gear as part of a generally black-colored wardrobe. The Raiders and Kings were adopted by other gangsta rap groups and gangs themselves. Kids followed suit, and this was one factor, arguably a main factor, in the flood of pro teams adding black to their color schemes. And my bad, the leprechaun is indeed wearing black pants, but they are the Celtics, their jerseys have always been green and white, their logo features light orange/yellow until their 50th anniversary when the logo featured gold. I just don't envision black as part of a Celtic/Irish color scheme. green, white, orange. Somehow I can't imagine Celtic of Glasgow rocking a black alternate. and for the record, I love gangsta rap.
  2. i watched this game tonite, i gotta say, these Nats throwbacks are right up there with the san francisco (golden state) warriors "the city" throwbacks as the Association's best. the colour combination, the script nats wordmark, the neckline pattern, everthing looks totally awesome together. as for the knicks throwbacks, ehh, just a reminder of the sad early 80's teams. although the font for the number and name on the back is interesting in a good way.
  3. no way. call me a traditionalist all you want, but those are terrible. i wouldn't mind a celts alternate per se, but black? it's never been one of their colours so why now all of a sudden? n.w.a. was popular 14 years ago, can we move past sports teams trying to go gangsta? even the l.a. kings gave up the ghost. how about incorporating some orange for a third jersey, aka real irish colours.
  4. well, they were in the playoffs twice, losing to the dodgers, somehow, in 1988, and were perennial contenders from 84 to 90. i do agree about the shoulder stripes, it definitely seems to work with the mets, well, it does when their colours are limited to orange, blue and white.
  5. i am a huge fan of your project, but i must say that this is the first redesign that is a tad lackluster. the blue is not vibrant enough, the "T" on the cap is too flimsy and the wordmark too plain. It needs a livlier colour scheme.
  6. i agree with half the posters, this new marlin is awesome. this new stylized marlin looks a lot less 'shook' aka scared than the current marlin and is reminiscent of the old minor-league miami marlins' logo, where the marlin is holding a bat. great job, this project of yours is monumental in both scope and execution.
  7. i'm not so down, the mets lettering on the jerseys still retains the black drop shadow and the darker blue which, to me, is the antithesis of the sunny, simple and bright look the mets have traditionally had.
  8. i will add my props to the rest, i love the sword on the helmet far more than the 'flaming thumbtack'
  9. As a long-suffering fan of the met-amucils, i can defintely sympathize with the dreaded 'black drop shadow' and 'black alternate' demons. as for the Reds running man, they need to bring his mustache back, his mustache is up there in the mustache pantheon alongside burt reynolds and tom 'magnum' selleck.
  10. it would be hard to top the home kit from 2002, with the red stripe running vertically down the right side.
  11. all in all, it's pretty ballsy to name your team "victory," i mean.... what if the team sucks? It's like naming a team "The Winners."
  12. that pirate is so not fearsome. the a's elephant with the shades is so completely chill, i think he should be tested for illegal drugs, and i don't mean steroids. the giants alternate "g" rules, as does the nats' "DC" love the yanks bp hat, glad to see they are finally admitting it.
  13. i think that having large crests on the jerseys might look a tad goofy, like those New York Ranger alternates/throwbacks where the rangers logo is blown up over the chese of the jersey.
  14. I definitely have noticed more nba players wearing undershirts aka "wife-beaters" under their jerseys. maybe it's because players are wearing baggier jerseys that droop down more beneath their underarms? i think the nba rule against wearing t-shirts underneath jerseys, a la college hoops, is justified, i have no problem with players wearing undershirts.
  15. As for the Cosmos, I remember them, and at the time I thought it was a bad name. I understand that there isn't that much soccer history from which to draw, but still I'm not sure if I want to see the name or color scheme back. personally, i think the "New York Cosmos" name is amongst the most well-known in american soccery history, and certainly the most famous team from the old NASL. The Cosmos won five NASA championships and featured such world-famous players as Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, Girogio Chinaglia and Adranik Eskandarian (father of the current DC United star). here's a tad-outdated site campaigning to bring the cosmos back: and this is a great, well-done, site all about the Cosmos: as for the logo tip, i think their iconic logo and clean, neat jersey scheme are timeless. They would look very sharp today.
  16. They're the MetroStars, what do you want them to have in their logo? how about almost any variation on a star? a star at an angle, an 8-pointed star, a star with the skyline of east rutherford inlaid, a shooting star, anything except for what they have now, which shows no imagination and is so generic it could represent a team from anywhere.
  17. fantastic work, the wordmark is sharp, and the side lines on the away jersey are a nice touch. my only quibble would be on the alt logo, san jose also uses the rising soccer ball in the logo, and too many teams use the white ball with hexagonal patches when these balls haven't even been used in professional soccer for quite some time.
  18. word, the whole metrostars image has always been underwhelming, how many teams in professional sports use a five-pointed star in their logo? far too many. the metrostars crest is barren and bland, and the wordmark is just strange. anybody remember the old metros' alt logo, the taxicab? bring back the cosmos.
  19. Aside from Against All Odds' baseball revamp project, this Americans logo is the best design i've ever seen posted. The flame "NY" is stunningly clever. Hmmmm, move the Devils to the new brooklyn nets arena and rename? the old NHL americans did spend a few years playing in Brooklyn.
  20. Unfortunately, Brian in Boston is right on, Hartford, like many northeast cities, has fallen from the ranks of cities that can properly support big-money, big-league sports. Expanding the point a little bit, I'm not sure if additional Canadian teams, as proposed in this chain, could properly compete in the NHL, if ever revived. Although the american dollar does continue to lose strength. Ideally, and this might seem absolutely crazy, I would like to see a Canadian-only conference (vancouver, winnipeg, calgary, edmonton, toronto, ottawa, montreal, quebec) and a pared-down american conference (goodbye atlanta, anaheim, pittsburgh, florida) and have the winner of each play for Lord Stanley's Cup.
  21. if arte moreno really wanted to create a marketing monster, he would cash in on "The O.C." from Fox, which has made it cool to be from Orange County...... The O.C. Angels. on a historical note, Walter O'Malley sagely bought the name "Los Angeles Angels" from the minor-league team that was there when the Dodgers arrived from Brooklyn in 1958. Gene Autry later paid O'Malley$300,000 for the rights to the name. So, you know what, the franchise paid for the name once, let 'em have it again. It really is no worse than the New Jersey Giants and Jets.
  22. how 'bout just a simple home and away jersey? as a proud mets fan, I believe it does our franchise wrong to have five jerseys and three caps when there are only two types of games, home and away. the blue hats and regular "Mets" jerseys with no black drop shadowing sold just fine for the more than 35 years that we used 'em. while i'm at it, shouldn't the blue used in the mets' uniforms and hats match the dodgers exactly? the mets appear to be using a far darker shade of blue dese days.
  23. as a big-time isles fan, this design is fantastic, respects the old whilst bringing the isles into the 21st century. coupla things 1. you gotta have the four shoulder stripes represeting our four cups. 2. the spike where the 'n' and 'y' meet is too distracting. 3. i'd be curious to see the 'n' and the 'y' intersecting with the map of long island. again, fantastic job. always tuff to choose between loyalty to the original and allowing forward design