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  1. sabres3rdsilvernd4.jpg

    I remember first seeing this about a year before the red was unveiled.

    I, for one, think that looks pretty cool! Although the red stripe at the bottom looks really out of place.

    In regards to the Jaguars, I know there are pictures of the actual jerseys out there somewhere, I'm not seeing them at the moment. Maybe someone else can upload them.

    Here are a couple pics for the Avalanche logo selection process:



    Do you have any idea where those scans were taken from?

  2. Defiantly not a legend,but Charlie Sheen in an Indians uniform. God I hate Two and a Half Men.


    Doesn't count until you find Wild Thing in another uniform.



    I'm still amazed by the ways I can be corrected on this forum.

    Thank you for that! :D

    'Eight Men Out' is a fantastic movie. A very underrated sports film, most likely because it focuses on a very dark moment in sports history. If you have not seen it, I suggest that you do.

  3. Sidney Crosby in a Kings Uni


    When did he wear this jersey...and why???

    You didn't hear?

    Crosby to LA for Dan Cloutier's phone number! :D

    But yea, that is old. I think it may have been pre-lockout as teams can bring anyone to them to run practices and such. Sometimes you'll random Major Junior players participating in a practice with an NHL team even if they don't end up drafting them for whatever reason, mostly draft position.

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