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  1. Serious question: Do any of you think that ole miss should get rid of the 'Rebels' nickname altogether and start over? How can you be called the 'Rebels' and it mean anything other than Colonel and the Confederacy?
  2. anyone have examples of all the previous fields? would be interesting to go back and see the old helmets and just how the trends have changed things.
  3. They do use Copperplate. In fact, they've apparently adopted it as the wordmark. Otherwise, I agree with you and would have nothing to do with it.
  4. A couple of years back I did this, but I thought it was time for an update. You'll notice that for some of the teams I made only subtle changes. I tried to keep tradition in mind for each field. Here are the first four. C&C is welcome. ALABAMA - Bryant-Denny Stadium ARKANSAS - Razorback Stadium AUBURN - Jordan-Hare Stadium FLORIDA - Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
  5. they held the pole on the website for a while, but i have a feeling they already knew which court they wanted. the AD says the wordmark makes our full name more noticeable than the other two designs. Not too sure about 'The Hump' on the baselines. I would have left the old logo in the somewhere!
  6. I voted for #1 but wouldn't mind #3 . . . and #2 is not good at all. Why does "the paint" no longer have PAINT? Its a fad I'm not a fan of!
  7. great concept! maintains a definite new orleans feel.
  8. It just explains how bad MSU's previous uniforms really were. Yes there's a lot of piping and similarities with other schools, but anything is better than the 'plain' uniforms worn the past 5 years. I can understand 'plain' looking great on schools like Alabama, Michigan, Tennessee, etc. But MSU is not one of those schools, so something other than 'plain' was necessary!
  9. While gray or silver is not an official color, it has long been used off and on in past uniforms for Mississippi State sports. I would hardly call it "randomly adding gray, and thus ripping off our color scheme."
  10. what about using the current astros' star as a part of the swooping star you have now?
  11. Here's the initial branding for the entire university posted here: Visual ID This is what the "Spirit Group" looks like: The more I see, the better its looking!
  12. Apparently there will be another logo including a cowbell
  13. Looks like there won't be a bulldog on the helmet next year...this was displayed at today's press conference
  14. I'm told that 'J' might end up on the helmets this next year...we'll see
  15. This appears the peak at the new Mississippi State logo as new head coach Dan Mullen arrived in Starkville
  16. I like what you've done here, Cola. I agree that the gray pants resemble the ole miss set too much. I do think the gray is used well for outlines and stripes. The maroon helmet is a much better look for MSU in my opinion, but I prefer some of the other logos that were presented in the sneak preview. All in all, you've made some nice upgrades.
  17. very pleased with your mississippi state concept. REALLY glad you left the tan/gold out and stuck with maroon & white (gray/silver is the only other color they should try to add in my opinion). I still wish the interlocking MS would remain a baseball logo. I would suggest the MState logo on that maroon helmet, but everyone has a preference. all in all...good job!
  18. i don't have much problem with State's current uniforms other than the need for a maroon helmet. adding gray would be beneficial in my mind. just because their current uniforms are simple does not mean they suck.
  19. I like the simple current look, but I would like to see silver added to compliment the maroon & white. The basketball team does this in their uniforms, and i think it would be an upgrade in football. Also, i believe the maroon helmet would look better than the white. I know there are no major changes here, but I believe these would make for a better look. I don't believe you have to jazz things up with piping, black outlines, or crazy fonts just for the sake of looking new or modern.
  20. I too thought that Stanford's new look was an upgrade last night. I didn't think it was too simple because they went back to some of the traditional style from its past.
  21. Those aren't shoulder stripes, they're sleeve stripes. Yes, they're sleeve stripes, but the template had me a bit confused.
  22. those shoulder stripes remind me too much of the enemy!
  23. I would have outlined those numbers in blue...much like Kentucky outlined there's in gray
  24. I've always like LSU's helmet look, and I believe this is an upgrade for UAB. As someone has already stated, they are not exactly a household brand around the country. The added lettering helps I think.