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  1. i like your concept except for the black jersey. the hats are ok, but the black in the jersey is too much for me. UT is orange and white. yes, a little bit of black is ok as a complement, but not too much. i watched them play miss. state today and their uniforms were hidious! black with orange piping around the shoulders? please!!!!! these are definitely an improvement.
  2. i'm trying to get something worked up, but its a slow process. haven't forgot about it, though!
  3. i've been working on something with 'bears' or 'black bears'. is this overused in your area, or would it fit alright?
  4. this is a lot of stuff to do? can this be done in ms paint? its all i have; or would i be wasting my time?
  5. Was the CS purchase a good one? I've seen where the price can be considerably cheaper than CS2, so i'm guessin it does pretty much all the same stuff except for a few bells and whistles, huh?
  6. what are the nicknames of the other schools it would be competing against like in their division?
  7. this is in north carolina?
  8. i like this a lot! BUT, i'm a huge stros fan who loved the old orange and blue colors. this is pretty cool
  9. My vote: East - puckcool22 leggman01 VitaminD TheFlameofAtlanta themightyspitz OnWis97 ABAsite stlramsfan bucfan56 West - mac brassbonanza97 DirtyCurty AstroBull21 iamthedorf tarheeltider GUINNESS rbripely
  10. i like the old school 'p', and i think you should decide to use it over the 'P'. They don't go well together, and if you use the 'p' then the current logo doesn't look right. Go with the old school stuff
  11. i love your work here. how did you make the field look so like natural grass. was it a certain template or technique?
  12. i remember those god awful things. why did you have to remind me of them again?
  13. this long-time saints fan is lovin it! makes me have memories of the early 90s (basically the only good memories in franchise history)! don't let all the different opinions sway you to change this up too much. I love the white numerals and everything else about it.
  14. mac, the logos are ok, but i'm a fellow youth minister myself. what are y'all goin to do in tn?
  15. yes i did. i started by copying and pasting originals from this website and putting them into paint. Over the long hal i continuously mixed and matched, started big and sized it down. i did a whole lot of cleaning up pixels in the large view thing. i'm new to this and hope this process is considered ok by the contest rules. but it was done in paint; i don't own any other program!
  16. gotta love the old rockets color scheme. nice work
  17. Here's my houston astros concept. I think this brings them back to the identity they used to have with the rainbow unis (their current style seems to lack any identity). Although these aren't nearly as gaudy! This is my first concept to post, so go easy on me.
  18. i'm a new member of this cc's. as a long time astros fan, i like the orange and blue color scheme and hate the current one. I'm almost finished with my concept for the paint contest.
  19. is there anything wrong with copying and pasting logos from this website into paint and then changing them up a bit? this is what i did for the concept i'm gonna submit.