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  1. Eric Berry of the Vols. 1024 by 768 Thanks in advance.
  2. i am a huge titans fan and i really like the idea of combining the teams loogs and colors. good job on this.
  3. The SEC needed this. I am a Vols fan and watching all the games on Raycom sports got really boring. The only SEC games that were shown on good channels was Florida and Georgia.
  4. yeah, i cant see it either
  5. The stick doesnt really fit with the rest of the logo, but other than that this is great.
  6. Team:Tennessee Titans Logo: alternate sword logo Size:1280 x 1024 Color:white Splatter Color: Titans blue Style: 1st/ top
  7. thanks, these are great!
  8. I would like Titans: 28 Chris Johnson 25 LenDale White 53 Keith Bulluck 31 Cortland Finnegan 18 Kenny Britt
  9. they might be dropping gold from the GOLDEN state warriors?
  10. yeah what NEW.ERA.PANDA said
  11. i dont like the sponsor on the red jerseys, It kinda makes it look silly, other than that, very good.
  12. Hballer

    Nashville 79ers

    all right, appreciate your opinions.
  13. Hballer

    Nashville 79ers

    Here they are they are called the 79ers, because Nashville was founded in 1779. unis coming soon c&c please
  14. oh and, how do you put the sig in? mine wont work
  15. thanks for the union one. Can you make a titans, and rockets one?