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  1. 1 minute ago, YungMan said:

    I'm not sure how I didn't notice the logo being upside down and the shoulder raven being on the wrong side, thanks. Do you think the shoulder Raven is a good idea if executed better?

    Lol it happens dude!


    If I'm honest about it I think it would fit better on the pants in place of the shield and then move the shield to the shoulder or sleeve. I like that logo though and definitely think its under appreciated.

  2. Bengals look good, I love the classic look for them too.


    Ravens are ok, but theres some things you need to fix to clean it up. The "B" in the logo is facing the wrong way and the raven on the shoulders is upside down on the back view of the jerseys, I also feel like the shoulder raven shouldnt over lap the collar like it does. If you shrink it down just a little I think it will look cleaner.


    I also think the purple should be brightened up a little bit.


    Liking this series so far! Excited to see the rest!

  3. Whole series has been great! But that might be the best Bengals concept I've seen in a long time. The jerseys are subtle and not over the top. This is the first time I've seen a gradient anything that I've actually liked. The whole thing is well balanced, modern without being ridiculous and is all together a massive upgrade from what they have now. Well done!

  4. The St. Louis Stallions and the Memphis Hounds were both almost NFL teams. They had logos and mock jerseys done before being denied their expansion franchises. 


    The NHL also almost had the Hampton Roads Rhinos in the 90s. They had a logo made, not sure about a jersey though

  5. PIT is cool, really fun helmet design! Really dont like the numbers though. I see what youre going for, but it just reads like an alarm clock to me.


    DEN is awesome! Super fun, good use of the explosion without being to over the top, fun bright color scheme. All good things!

  6. I actually like the wave stripes on the jersey and the pants, but it doesnt work for me on the helmet. Although I'm not sure you could just change the helmet stripes to straight lol, maybe no helmet stripes? Or you could straighten the helmet and pants like you said.

  7. Oh super excited for this series! 


    Are you doing different sports or just football?


    Both Javelin logos look pretty good. As mentioned above youre missing some of the outline on the GC logo. As for the Javelin one, it seems like there are two small "points" on either side of the outer circle where the curve turns into the base of the tree. Also the outer most outline looks to have two different stroke sizes, the bottom half is slightly thicker than the top, tree outline, portion. Very minor things, overall a really nice start!



  8. This is a really good set! But I agree with others about the colors. Its just too close to the Wildcats. Maybe replace the black with the blue in the flame logo? I also wonder what the flame logo would look like on the helmet. The mask and axe logo is beautiful, but seems too detailed for the helmet.

  9. Its really pretty good. I like the multiple shades of blue, they will make for a lot of uniform options. I think you could drop the light grey/silver though. My only real complaint is the two big empty spaces on either sid of the basketball. Not sure how to fix it though, maybe extend the height of the letters, maybe just shorten the drop shadow, idk. Overall though its really nice, well done.

  10. Royals look real good, simple and classic. 


    Galaxy are nice, fun color scheme and an awesome logo. Super clever turning a galaxy shape into a "G"! My only gripe is the light blue logo on the blue background, its really hard to see and gets lost. Change it to purple I think and it would pop more.

  11. Vikings update is nice, I liked the the outlines, but this is a clean look.


    The darker red is better for Tampa but I still feel like it needs pewter accents around the numbers and the sword stripe.

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