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  1. @SFGiants58, it's been an honor to bear witness to this excellent project! This is truly inspired work on how to make the aesthetic of America's national pastime even better, and I can actually see some of these concepts (and alternate takes) making their way to the diamond in the coming years. And feel free to take your time and enjoy life with the ones you care about the most...because everyone needs that good, long stretch to sit back and reflect!


    P.S. I've already got some ideas for the NFL, NHL, MLS and a redo of the NBA in mind...Ready to contribute when the timing is right!

  2. If there is any direction the Padres should be going in for the long haul, this would be it! No other team is as deeply intertwined with brown and yellow (with some sand mixed in) than the Padres, and as a resident of the state John Moores (former Padres owner) once called home when he owned the team, I think it was a mistake for San Diego to not adopt such a winning combination the moment Moores took over the team from Tom Werner, who is such an expert at finding national anthem singers...

  3. The Milwaukee sets are definitely golden! I honestly believe if the Brewers really want to bolster its fan base, especially given its current situation, a return to the Marquette colors (complete with the definitive barley stalk underline) would be the way to go. I also would not mind the Brewers doing the alternate take, which had the potential to really be something had the team played their cards right in the 90s. I'm not sure if the muted bronze on the alternate take would really win over fans lock, stock and barrel, since a good portion of their fans are so snobby about the BiG-era colors that any future rebrand would have to involve the colors of the pre-"Motre Bame" period.


    Annnndddddd...I'm about to call another Uber again. Miller High Life may be fine and dandy, but I'm ready for some Beechwood-aged Budweiser...Meet me in St. Louis!

  4. bu4qcn5.png

    One more thing I forgot to ask: Is there any way you can give us the primary roundel (contrails included) with the current "H" and surrounding "Houston Astros" text? I'm curious as to how the primary roundel colors and contrails would look on the current Astros primary logo. Not asking for anything else other than the primary roundel alone.

  5. This is definitely an interesting alternate take. If there were an appropriate nickname for the sort of motif the Astros went with when they moved to what was then Enron Field (yes boys and girls, that was the actual name!), Railers just about hits the spot! It also surely would have been a favorite choice had the Manned Spacecraft Center gone somewhere else other than Houston; this is a port city after all, and one of the first radio stations here, KPRC (which also once aired the Astros' games on radio) is rumored to stand for Kotton Port Rail Center which just about describes Houston economically before NASA and the big oil companies (e.g. Shell, Exxon) started moving in. Throw in the western stylings of the uniforms, and I say you have gone out and give us (with apologies to a punch-worthy former Oilers coordinator) a winner in town!


    These three sets and their timing could not have been better for the 'Stros coming off their AL West title...Now I'm ready to call an Uber and ask for a ride to Chavez Ravine, before the Dodger Dogs get cold!

  6. Now this is certainly an Astros set with plenty of forward motion to it! Granted, it will be hard to reconcile such a futuristic set with the traditional stylings of Minute Maid Park, but the Tequila Sunrise contrail to the left of the shooting star in the primary logo is golden. I'm frankly surprised there's not a retro alternate (particularly alluding to the 70s era pullover jersey), but also intrigued by the extensive nods to what is arguably the Astros' most synonymous uniform imagery. Bar none, this is one of the few teams where orange defines a team very well, and you just about nailed it!


    Glad to know you've got two alternate takes for this fine franchise...bring them on!

  7. P.S. I will say that the primary cap logo for the Zephyrs alternate take would stand out better if the colors of the blue "D" and white outline were reversed. Since most every MLB primary cap has a white letter contrasting with a colored background, and some even have an outline with a tertiary color, this would be logical. I'd do the same with the retro alternate "D" as well. I understand that the minor league Zephyrs' cap was primarily a blue "Z" (and of course I greatly appreciate the high degree of authenticity you're providing in your designs), but most people would have trouble looking through an outline to see the "D" on the cap, even in our age of high-definition television which greatly improved the viewing experience in the NHL when it came to tracking the puck on screen.

  8. Well the Colorado update is definitely an improvement over their dated look that has worked so well for them over the last generation...and the vintage-looking "mountain purple" on the last update would especially go over well with the fans. The cap logo is also first-rate, and speaks volumes of Colorado with the mountaintops + the unique rectangle at the C's end that evokes the shape of a swung ancient hammer reminiscent of Colorado's mining history. (I know, it may just be the font, but still...)


    As for the alternate, I also liked that you picked the Zephyrs for an alternate take...Which would have definitely worked for them considering the direction Denver has been going in economically since the rise of the DTC south of downtown. Also, since Colorado is virtually forests and blue skies and lakes every baseball season (as opposed to its traditional snowcaps and loaded ski resorts in the offseason), the color choice also is fitting.


    Now, onto my hometown Astros. Taking bets on their classic look melded into the form of a shooting star, and wondering about the long-forgotten Buffs for an alternate...

  9. Once again, great series on many fronts. I wouldn't be shocked if Montreal took up this concept for their inevitable revival. And I will say that the Phillies going in the direction of William Penn (and by that logic, blue and yellow) would make for an interesting shift to distinguish themselves amongst the NL East.


    Looking forward to seeing the Nats' concept, and already predicting that the alternate take will either be a rehash of the original Nats made famous in "Damn Yankees", the old Washington Senators before they redeployed to Texas, or what the Expos would have become had DC bottlenecked the stadium funding and the Expos instead ending up moving to Northern Virginia (They are the Commonwealth's MLB team by default after all).

  10. The Miami sets are fantastic and appropriate for the region, with the shades of pink and teal blending in very well with the region's "cosmopolitan Riviera" vibe and the Flamingos redo fitting the 90s stylings to a T. If Wayne Huizenga and Jeffrey Loria really played their cards right instead of doing what they did to screw it up for their fans (fire sales, botched stadium plans, etc.), the Marlins (or is it Flamingos?) really would be a shining star in the big leagues. But in a business where smart marketing decisions often get overlooked, certainly not surprised that the Marlins' potential has been stretched too thin.

  11. LOVE the new Texas design! The colors more accurately reflect an old-school Texas aesthetic, and getting rid of the unnecessary drop shadow under the "T" makes it look more professional on paper. The gold "T" will take some getting used to, but if sports fans in the Metroplex can adjust to drastic logo and uniform changes in all their other sports teams sans the Cowboys (which would face a reprimand from the Governor or vice versa if they ever changed from their classic look), then they can certainly adjust to a cleaned-up Rangers look that feels like home for its devoted fanbase. The Rangers would be wise to adopt this look when they move into their new stadium - if it ever gets off the ground.

  12. SFGiants58, this has to be arguably one of the best, if not THE BEST, concept threads I have ever seen par excellence. The placement of the AL expansion team in Carolina is golden and showcases a virtually ignored color scheme that actually would work well given the region's trendsetter status (Charlotte, after all, made teal famous with the Hornets). I also like the streamlined Red Sox and Yankees looks, the addition of red to the White Sox scheme (to reflect vintage uniform looks + Reinsdorf's ownership of the Bulls), the new look Indians logo, and the great redesigns of the Twins, (Sting)rays and Mariners that more accurately reflect their markets and associated cultures. I would leave the Royals alone, because there are a plenty of folks in KC who actually put up with powder blue with nary a complaint.


    I also like seeing my hometown Astros return to the NL (where they belong) which restores tradition (it was a historical NL farm stronghold most commonly associated with the Cardinals and Cubs farm systems) and should also benefit Houston's long-suffering regional sports network with regards to out-of-market coverage and availability since many cable and satellite providers still don't have what is now AT&T SportsNet Southwest, which languished as Comcast SportsNet Houston for these reasons and then some.


    That being said, I believe the Arizona Diamondbacks should stay in the NL and the Astros should swap with the Colorado Rockies instead for a variety of reasons. A lot of Houstonians were taken aback by MLB forcing the Astros to move to the AL as a condition of Jim Crane's purchase of the team for the aforementioned farm-team ties I mentioned below. The same should also be expected of the Diamondbacks in your alignment scenario with regards to Phoenix being a historic NL farm city largely associated with the Giants (remember the Firebirds?). It also further justifies the Mariners' position as an island unto itself within the AL map, which adds a larger collective burden to the latter team's travel itinerary. Finally, Phoenix and Seattle have little in common with one another -- the geographies of the two cities are vastly different, as are their economic and political cultures.


    By contrast, the Rockies would be a better bet for the Astros to swap with because Denver and Seattle have much more in common with one another on many levels, not to mention the fact that the old Denver Bears/Zephyrs had no distinct ties to one particular league, often hopping between the AL and NL farms over the course of its history. Denver is closer to Seattle than Phoenix is, and once the Sonics come back to the NBA when that league's inevitable expansion rolls around, it will become a major rival to the Nuggets in addition to a budding Mariners-Rockies rivalry with lower travel costs. Denver and Seattle are also situated near mountain ranges (the Rockies and the Cascades, respectively), and are both politically progressive cities with their own iconic latter-day fast-casual giants (Chipotle and Starbucks), scenic Pac-12 (or is it Pac-16?) bastions (CU and UW), large high-tech economies, street cred with millennials, indie music cultures, legalized marijuana, iconic 90s TV shows (South Park and Frasier), and even common TV broadcasting traits with Fox stations (KDVR and KCPQ) owned by Tribune (soon to be Sinclair), NBC stations (KUSA and KING) owned by TEGNA, CW stations (KWGN and KSTW) on the VHF dial and AT&T-owned RSNs in both cities.


    Finally, in regards to the other AL West teams, metro Denver has plenty of transplants from Texas (Rangers - yes, I've let the rabbit out of the hat!), Orange County (Angels) and Chicago (White Sox), plus a similar progressive culture in comparison to the Twin Cities (Twins), and traditional ties to AFC markets (the Royals in the Chiefs' market, the A's in the Raiders' soon-to-be former market, which ironically hosted the A's at one time when they were redoing the A's ballpark to build the infamous Mount Davis).


    By my logic, the Rockies and the AL would go together like clockwork and produce a much stronger intraleague rivalry as opposed to a disjointed Diamondbacks-Mariners one with little to brag about.


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