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  1. 8 minutes ago, anythinglogos said:

    The Knicks posted this



    seems pretty clear it’s a sponsor patch. Chase?

    I just saw this too. At least if it is Chase, it'll color coordinate well with the jerseys I guess (tho I wonder what they'll do with it on the blue jersey). Also, didn't realize how big the Nike Swoosh was till now. Yeesh.

  2. On 8/20/2017 at 6:02 PM, KittSmith_95 said:


    The one jersey that'll never look right on Shaq for me: 




    It's just.... Shaq played a year & a half in Phoenix. He played 103 games for the Suns.... that's more than he played for the Cavs (which I remember fondly) & the Celtics (which I remember due to him retiring) COMBINED (which was 90 games). Yet I can't recall this at all. It's sad, really.... 2 legends in their dwindling years & they can't win a Ship together :(




    Now that I think about it, there are actually quite a few Hall of Famers (and other notable, retired All-Stars) from the last decade-ish, that made their mark whilst playing for multiple teams, and when I try to picture them in my mind, there's not really one consistent jersey I see them wearing everytime:


    • Jason Kidd - He definitely had his best years as a Net, but when I checked, he actually played about the same number of games with the Mavs too, along with a significant chunk with the Suns. 
    • Dikembe Mutombo - He never really stayed anywhere for that long. I intermittently picture him in a Nuggets vs Hawks vs Rockets vs even 76ers jersey.
    • Charles Barkley - Suns vs 76ers vs even Rockets partially just because of how bad those pajama striped jerseys were. 
    • Dennis Rodman - I remember the first time I became aware of him was when he was on the Spurs so I see him wearing that vs Bulls vs Pistons (to a lesser extent mainly b/c he looked so different back in his Detroit days)
    • Mitch Richmond - Despite his short time with them, I picture him as much in a Warriors (thanks to the Run TMC days) and Bullets jersey as I do in a Kings one.
    • Glen Rice - He's a Hornet or Heat in my head
    • Detlef Schrempf - Pacers vs Sonics
    • Horace Grant - Magic vs Bulls
    • Latrell Sprewell - Warriors vs Knicks
  3. On 8/18/2017 at 9:32 PM, jrodsep said:


    Dang, The Celtics got a bargain. Two Shaqs for the price of one. Yikes!!!!!

    Man, I completely forgot about that stop for Shaq. Although he was objectively his most iconic with the Lakers, because he ended up making notable-enough stops with so many others teams, in my head, he's one of the few superstars that doesn't really "belong" to any one team. Similarly, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady are kind of like that for me. I distinctly remember their stops with multiple teams, so no matter how short, I can picture them wearing multiple jerseys and have them "fit." 

  4. 56 minutes ago, colortv said:


    Been awhile since I've seen so many teams represented in one pic. Makes me realize how many teams have a "V-neck collar" nowadays vs the older "wide neck/circular" [like the Knicks and Celtics] opening. And then there are still a couple teams with that weird wishbone/notched collar [like the Lakers, Mavs] that just remind me of the '00s.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Hoopladawg87 said:

    Overall, these Spurs uniforms just feel half-baked to me....the wordmarks are simplified, but the numerals are busy....the side panels are simple, the collar and armhole trim are busy. I feel like a definitive shift one way or the other would look much better just in terms of cohesion, though I'd obviously much prefer them taking the truly simplified route.


    Yeah, I've notice a lot of these new Nike jerseys have a bunch of mix 'n match elements to them. Different colored wordmarks vs numbers, differing trim colors and patterns, cutoff/early tapered striping, etc. It's like they couldn't decide on a set pattern so decided to combine all of them. I'd like a lot of them so much more if they just made small tweaks in consistency. Instead it feels like designs by committee with every designer wanting to leave their mark.

  6. In a vacuum, I like the jerseys. Just not necessarily for the Wolves. I know they changed their color scheme, but it doesn't feel very "timberwolves-y" especially without the green. Looks like a a fashion jersey for the Mavs from the PDiddy jersey days.

  7. Man I loved when the NBA did the all-star game "baseball" style


    Theyd never go back to it because it's another chance to sell another jersey, but I thought it looked cool.

    I actually never liked it when they did it. I always thought it was lazy to have them in their regular jerseys. If anything, I wish they'd not only go with the same conference-based uniforms, but do like they did in the past, and made anyone who wore the same number to pick a new one. I remember in the early 90s you'd see some All Stars with different numbers just for the ASG b/c someone else got seniority or what not.
  8. Oh wow,. Went on a weekend trip and saw the new logo and didn't even realize it was new until I got back. For some reason I always thought it was like that, or that it was actually an older logo.

  9. The Sixers better use the black and gold for the banner. I understand he came back for that one year and wore the current look but the black and gold is his era.

    yeah, that would've been more appropriate, but at least Iverson did wear the "classic" colors (though like you said, for inky a short time). And seeing as how he's probably the only player from the black and gold era wholl get his number retired, I'm actually ok with them using the red and blue to keep all their banners matching.
  10. I'm a big fan of vintage logos so I decided to try my hand at updating the Texas Longhorns logo. C & C is always welcomed!


    Like many others, I love these vintage logos. Does anyone know where the trend of mascots wearing those little hats came from? Were all of these designed by the same person, or was it just a popular thing to do at the time?

    Finally, does anyone happen to have any more vintage logos for the other old Southwest Conference teams? I believe UT, Baylor, SMU, TCU have already been done (great job btw), but did the likes of A&M or Tech, who seem to prefer their letter insignia, have anything similar?

  11. Was channelsurfing just now and found out the Lakers were going to retire Shaq's jersey tonight. Wonder if they're going to use the old jersey template or their newer one for his banner. Also, just noticed that they have #52 retired for Wilkes. Do the Lakers have some sort of jersey-retiring policy/requirements?

    |UPDATE| so they used the newer jersey for his banner, but the order of the jerseys looks sorta random. I can't really figure out how they're arranging them. Anyone know?

  12. Landon Donovan for the San Jose Earthquakes


    I really miss MLS jerseys having the their own name on the front. Despite being decently familiar with how things are done across the pond, it still looks weird to see a sponsors name on a shirt over here.

    It's probably because I'm so used to seeing international football teams with sponsors on their kits at this point, but I'm glad MLS followed suit. Furthermore, despite being used to it with the other main North American sports leagues, having the team name across the chest on a soccer jersey never looked right, especially if they already had a crest there. For me, soccer jerseys were always about the color and the pattern, not necessarily the name or a wordmark in front.

  13. YES. I do not associate A.I. with this uniform at all. Hell, I barely associate him with the Red-White-&-Blue color scheme at all since he only wore it for a year or two in his early days. The logo identity that the Sixers used before this one could truly be defined as the Iverson Era.

    On a similar note, I don't associate Bill Walton with the classic black, diagonal-striped Blazers jerseys:


    Hell, I didn't even know he stuck around with Portland long enough to wear those. I've always associated him with the red jerseys with vertical type, or even his Celtics jerseys.

  14. Oregons's Rose Bowl Ring


    Yeah I like the design but wow did they need to make it so big? I mean it gets to a point where it's not even wearable.

    Seriously. They could have easily cut out the entire diamond field and have "Rose Bowl Champions" encircling the [circular instead of rectangular] emerald in a band. The way they have it is just unwieldy and has too much "empty" space.

  15. The LA Lakers white unis are cool. Every non-Lakers yellow uni in the NBA is lame.

    The Lakers need to wear the white uniforms full-time at home. They have one of the best-looking white uniforms in the league.

    If the golds weren't already so ingrained with history and looking good, I would agree. The Laker whites are some fantastic uniforms.

    It's probably due to the fact that I seem to only ever catch the Lakers playing on a Sunday, but I'm sorta tired of the white jerseys. At this point, I tend to think of their gold jerseys as the "alternate" now, given how rarely I see them wearing em on TV haha.

  16. I know it's variable, but do any teams have actual guidelines for retiring numbers ["official" or not], and if so what are they?

    The Red Sox criteria is Hall of Fame membership and at least 10 years with the team. You used to have to finish your career with them in addition to the 10 years but they eased up on that to retire Fisk's #27.

    I know it's variable, but do any teams have actual guidelines for retiring numbers ["official" or not], and if so what are they?

    It's all up to the teams. You'll find that a lot of newer teams will seemingly retire the first number of any halfway good player that played with them just so they can try to establish a history or have an event out of it.

    I know for the Phillies the requirement is HOF, which is why Jim Bunning's #14 was retired decades after he last played (and after several other players, notably Pete Rose wore it) when he was elected by the Veterans' Committee.

    I believe the Flyers have the same requirement, which is why Mark Howe's #2 was just retired. I think it's kind of dumb to retire a number after it's been worn by other players, but that's what they do.

    Interesting. I imagine the older baseball teams would have criteria that stringent. Good to know.

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