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  1. I use to use inkscape a lot and here is some advice.


    Your left and right wing are different, one is thinner than the other. Here is away to get them exactly the same.


    Draw the body of the dragon without the wings, then just draw a wing on one side til you have it the way you want (with the red highlights). Now select the wing and the highlights and group them together, then duplicate the wing, flip it, and slide it over to the other side, now both sides are exact.


    The laces look out of place , i understand you want it to look like  football, but you did that with the shape of the logo. You can still put laces, just make the more abstract, so its there, but not noticed right away.


    This version looks much better than the first. good job.



  2. OK Here is the first revision of the Patriots concept. Back view of the stripe is better but I'm not sure if this working. CC needed. Yes, I will need to correct the striping on the other views but just want to get it out there for you to look at and give me feedback. Did I do better without the NE lettering on the hat?


    I like the way the stripe is on this one, but, your right it looks "Evel Kanievel", I think it might work if you just remove the star from the back, and just put the number. or maybe a red star since there is a red star on the collar of the logo?

  3. This logo has been making its way around pepsi marketing could a change be coming and a upgraded one at that.


    I saw this used on a vending machine today. I stared at it for a bit, but had to leave because the light tuened green :P

    This is a big upgrade, but I seem to be in the minority when I say I like this current logo. Sure, I've seen the mockups of it as a fat guy or a plumber, but without the add-ons to make the logo look like so, I cannot see the fat guy nor can I see the plumber's crack. It's a bit of a stretch, to say the least.

    Are some of the previous logos better? Of course. However, this one, especially when paired with the Throwback-yet-modern script, is a good design.

    Also, the Pepsi logo inside the e? Genius.

    All of this is coming from a guy who prefers Coke, esp. Cherry Coke.

    This is the font used on the Pepsi cans overseas now

  4. I think the "9" on both side, or the "CC" a little smaller, on both sides, would look better. Did you mean to make the shoes two different colors? The belts on the pants side view are a different color than the front view. The stripe down the side on the pants side view looks as if it goes around the back of the pant leg, does it go all the way around to the inseam? If so, your not showing that on the front view.

  5. You know what's funny? I think great executed concepts like this that get posted on the boards does get the right C&C. I think people know it can be great. What's funny is that there are A LOT of bad to mediocre concepts that don't get a lot of C&C or negative feedback. It seems like if a logo doesn't start out good people feel less likely to try and help out because it would take to long, and just say 'nice job'.

    I can see why you'd think that, but from my perspective (and I'm sure other people who try to leave quality C&C), there's something to be said for the amount of effort put in to a concept. There's clear effort here, and I doubt it took Mark 15 minutes to create this (unlike some of the 'bad to mediocre' ones you mention). For that reason, I personally am inclined to comment on something that has more thought and effort behind it than "this is just a quick idea I had c&c plz" concepts. It's a hell of a lot more likely my C&C will be heard and considered with posters/projects like this.

    That said, +1 on the teeth issue, as well as jaha and colej's assessment of the neck area. I also like Brandon's suggestion of brightening up the green a touch to improve the visibility of the mark. When I think Florida Gators, I think bright colors. Your color selection seems a bit muted for them at the moment. Nice update of the logo, though! Looking forward to seeing some refinements.

    That is what's wrong. At your skill level, the "bad and mediocre" one could take you 15 minutes. Most members here are not at your level. How do you know it only took them 15 minutes, just because it could take you 15 minutes? They could have spent hours on a project, then someone at your skill lever tells them put effort into it "don't just throw something together". To someone with a weak skill level, that's a insult. So when they get those kind of C&C it could discourage them so they don't even bother updating it. Not everyone has illustrator and using different programs and may not have the knowledge of the program to do it as quick as you. I am one of those "bad to mediocre" members and I get some good C&C but not a lot. Most look and move one and feel as you do.

  6. I work with a ODA/SFG, they wanted me to update the logo they have. The top 2 are the logos I was supplied. the others are the ones I made. They wanted them easily printed on T-Shirts. I'll be also painting it on a wall.