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  1. Good for New Jersey and New York. So what if it's cold. People that complain about the weather, grow some balls.

    You really don't comprehend the issue here, do you?



    I was just commenting on how people have been crying and complaining about a cold weather super bowl, not necessarily on this site, but on television, radio an so forth. MOD EDIT

    Listen. He's "looking down on you" because you've failed to grasp a very simple concept here. That concept is that the Super Bowl is more then just a football game. It's more then just a NFL title game. It's a one-two week long vacation, party, and media event with a NFL title game at the end of it.

    So sure, a snowy Super Bowl game may be awesome in a nostalgic "the way the game was meant to be played" sense, but snowy weather, or worse a blizzard, even if it didn't hit on game day, would wreck havoc on all the events that are going on in the location in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

    That's what BBTV was getting at... MOD EDIT


    Keep it classy.

    Hey Ice Cap don't let that guy get to you. Let's just talk Super Bowl 48... MOD EDIT