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  1. That was a great game. Gonzaga should be a 3 seed and will probably win it's first round game and then lose in the second or third round.
  2. It's hard to say goodbye to one of the greatest of all time. Rest in Peace to an all time legend and a great teacher, story teller and one hell of a guy. R.I.P. Kirby Puckett
  3. This Monday morning the new nickname will be announced for Houston 1836.
  4. remember the late 80's and early 90's with no salary cap: 49ers, Cowboys, Giants, Redskins dominating the league
  5. When is the BIG unveiling of the new Reebok NHL Jersey's & Ducks new logo going to be?
  6. 1. White Sox 2. A's 3. Yankees 4. Indians 5. Mets 6. Red Sox 7. Cardinals 8. Blue Jays 9. Braves 10. Rangers 11. Angels 12. Brewers 13. Giants 14. Dodgers 15. Twins 16. Astros 17. Cubs 18. Phillies 19. Tigers 20. Padres 21. Pirates 22. Devil Rays 23. Orioles 24. Reds 25. Nationals 26. Mariners 27. Diamondbacks 28. Royals 29. Rockies 30. Marlins
  7. UPPER BRACKET Finland vs. USA Russia vs. Canada LOWER BRACKET Slovakia vs. Czech Republic Switzerland vs. Sweden
  8. I say one of the three California NFL franchises will end up in L.A. Raiders, Niners or Chargers
  9. The Raiders had L.A. all to themselves after the Rams moved first. They should of just stayed down there. They would eventually have gotten a new stadium or a dramatically renovated L.A. Coliseum.
  10. Congratulations to a class organization. Predictions for next year anyone?
  11. Troy Aikman Harry Carson John Madden Warren Moon Reggie White Rayfield Wright
  12. Associated Press 1. Texas (hey, Vince go pro you have nothing left to prove) 2. USC 3. Penn State 4. Ohio State 5. West Virignia 6. LSU 7. Virginia Tech 8. Alabama 9. Notre Dame 10. Georgia 11. TCU 12. Florida 13. Oregon 14. Auburn 15. Wisconsin 16. UCLA 17. Miami 18. Boston College 19. Louisville 20. Texas Tech 21. Clemson 22. Oklahoma 23. Florida State 24. Nebraska 25. California ACC - 5 SEC - 5 Big XII - 4 Pac Ten - 4 Big Ten - 3 Big East - 2 Mountain West - 1 Independent - 1
  13. AFC Pittsburgh over Cincinnati Jacksonville over New England Indianapolis over Pittsburgh Denver over Jacksonville Indianapolis over Denver NFC Washington over Tampa Bay Carolina over N.Y. Giants Seattle over Washington Carolina over Chicago Seattle over Carolina Super Bowl XL - Indianapolis over Seattle
  14. New Orleans - Southern Miss GMAC - UTEP Las Vegas - BYU Poinsettia - Navy Forth Worth - Houston Hawai'i - Central Florida Motor City - Memphis Champs Sports - Clemson Insight - Arizona State MPC Computers - Boston College Alamo - Michigan Emerald - Georgia Tech Holiday - Oklahoma Music City - Virginia Sun - UCLA Independence - South Carolina Peach - Miami Meineke Car Care - N.C. State Liberty - Fresno State Houston - TCU Cotton - Alabama Outback - Florida Gator - Virginia Tech Capital One - Auburn Fiesta - Ohio State Sugar - Georgia Orange - Florida State Rose - USC (Tie Breaker: USC 34, Texas 22)
  15. Tice is getting fired no matter what, winning or losing record
  16. Wolverines will get the Buckeyes next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Let's say San Jose does get an expansion team in 2007. So Toronto & San Jose join MLS in 2007! WEST Chivas USA Colorado Los Angeles Salt Lake San Jose (a big IF!) CENTRAL Chicago Columbus FC Dallas Houston Kansas City (if they don't relocate) EAST D.C. United MetroStars New England Toronto
  18. Both teams will lose in playoffs before Super Bowl
  19. NFL: Steelers Collge Football: Michigan (USC a close second) MLB: Cardinals NHL: Blackhawks NBA: Celtics
  20. Super Bowl Bound Dem Bengals Are?
  21. by the way: USC 37, Texas 22 GO TROJANS! Good luck Reggie in the NFL
  22. CLASSIC! i've never seen Lions fans so passionate. Fun Stuff!