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  1. That's to the director of marketing who was the reason for the whole rebrand with the circle W.
  2. well now I wish the nuggets would have made the playoffs last year
  3. When did I say anything about injuries man? On Wednesday I lost my mom to cancer and honestly this Michigan vs Ohio State game has never meant less for me because of what I’m going through right now. I’m just saying it how I see it.
  4. I’m my honest opinion I think Ohio State blows out Northwestern next week and will punch their ticket. They’ve underperformed all season and finally showed up today. Their loss with Purdue is weird but they’re usually good for 1 crap the pants game a year. Michigan didn’t even look prepared and honestly I can say our “Signauture” wins this year are all against teams who looked better before the season started. A down year for the Big 10 indeed.
  5. The Coyotes one is called Authentic Heritage and the others are Authentic Heroes of Hockey Throwback.
  6. Adidas has now come out with throwback NHL Jerseys.
  7. If the green was darker and the numbers were gold I wouldn’t have a problem. The putrid green color and blue numbers is what I don’t like about them.
  8. Too bad the actual game is a snooze fest
  9. I have a Brock Osweiler Broncos jersey that a guy gave my dad for free after he left Denver I kept it and he ended up back with Denver unfortunately he was terrible.
  10. I don’t have either. I’m looking to get a nike one soon and from seeing them in person they’re good quality. The fanatics ones however look very bad quality and actually look like the free jerseys you would receive as a giveaway at a game.
  11. Is it bad that I don’t hate them. At least some of them I don’t hate.
  12. I don’t think that’s the case edit nvm
  13. So we get new City Editon uniforms every year then ?
  14. If that’s supposed to represent pavement then where are the pot holes?
  15. I really like my Adidas one. Quality is really good and it’s really light compared to my other hockey jerseys. Can’t say anything about the fanatics branded jerseys because I don’t have one but I’m starting to get really pissed with all the Fanatics branded crap they come out with now. It’s almost like adidas only makes the jerseys and then everything else is fanatics. Not a huge selection this season on Adidas gear I see mostly fanatics for sale.
  16. Woah woah woah. I just said what a day. I’m worried about Penn State first before I start worrying about winning the division.
  17. I like the idea of Adidas selling throwbacks but if you’re gonna throw the logo on the front at least make it the Adidas Originals logo.
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