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  1. These recent Adidas unis with Nevada and USF I hope you guys know are catalog orders.
  2. I’m a big adidas fan I’m not going to lie but Nevada looks like every High School in West Michigan
  3. Imo a helmet stripe would make those ISU unis better
  4. A lot of people believe the Avs will bring back this 3rd but for me personally I would like to see them bring back the burgundy diagonal "Colorado" alternate but the more I think about it I wouldn't be upset if they brought back this jersey but instead of the Rockies logo replace that with the diagonal "Colorado". Anyone else like that idea ?
  5. I love the new “classic” look I bought the home MacKinnon one and I love it but the only tweak I would do to the new uniforms is adding a blue stripe under the silver stripe on the away jersey. If they did that and brought back the burgundy diagonal Colorado alternate imo Colorado would have top 5 jerseys in the league.
  6. I hope it’s either their old burgundy Colorado alternate or just something completely new. I don’t want the alternate from a couple years ago I wasn’t a big fan of that.
  7. Thats part of the new AdiMoji Pack of cleats. I doubt those ones will see the field but they do have a red pair with the 100 emoji I could see those hitting the field.
  8. The only thing that made it a clown suit imo was the helmet.
  9. Other then the 2 tone helmet I thought the previous look was just fine. In my opinion these new ones look like practice jerseys.
  10. Wow Minnesota just downgraded big time.
  11. I can relate to this first hand. The high school I went to has a deal with Adidas I'm not real sure what all the specifics of the deal exactly are but all of the sports have Adidas uniforms, The school store sells Adidas branded apparel. My sophomore year of high school they switched to this Adidas deal and everyone was pretty excited for it. For football everyone was excited to finally get new uniforms and that this time they were uniforms from a big time brand. The TechFit jerseys we had were really nice, I have nothing bad to say about them, Yeah some of their designs at the college level are awful but for a high school team they were great. Our jerseys were quality too, the jersey in hands actually feels very thick it doesn't feel cheap at all, our numbers were stitched on so it didn't have that cheap look like the screen printed crap they throw on jerseys now. As for the fit of the jersey it's tight but not a suffocating tight, now does it give any advantage? It depends what you define as an advantage, It fits tight to the body like a compression shirt would so in a way compared to a jersey that other high schools wear that isn't a Nike or UA jersey it doesn't have loose materiel that someone could grab on to. However does it make you harder to tackle no it does not, everyone who knows football knows that you tackle by wrapping them up not by pulling them down by the jersey. However the best part of the Adidas deal we had was a website that the coach would set up with a rep. You could get cleats, gloves , compression wear , visors , all for a discounted price and that is the best part especially for kids who come from homes that don't have a whole lot of money. For them why go to the store and buy the top of the line Nike cleat for $199 or $170 when you can get the top of the line Adidas cleat for $75-$90. Now a ton of schools in Michigan have an Adidas deal just like the one my alma mater has. Wether people like it or not Adidas isn't going away any time time soon look at how many prospects they sign coming out of the NFL Draft. Just because it doesn't have the "Swoosh" doesn't mean its not good.
  12. Is it me or does the “U” on some of these helmets look like they’re placed weird.
  13. Not a big fan of the black uniforms for Miami. If they’re going to go black then go modern. The fauxback black look is awful.
  14. Does anyone think Adidas will make throwback NHL jerseys with the Adidas Originals logo like they did with the NBA?
  15. Michigan High School State Championships Division 1 Clarkston 3 , West Bloomfield 2. yes that really was the score. Division 2 Warren De La Salle 41, Livonia Franklin 6 Divison 3 Muskegon 28 ,Farmington Hills Harrison 10 Division 4 Grand Rapids Catholic Central 42 , Edwardsburg 31. Divison 5 Grand Rapids West Catholic 34 , Saginaw Swan Valley 7 GRWC wins 5th straight state title. Divison 6 Jackson Lumen Christi 40 , Ithaca 34. Division 7 Pewamo-Westphalia 21, Saugatuck 0. Divison 8 Ottawa Lake Whiteford 42 , Saginaw Nouvel 21.
  16. Yep it’s literally a catalog order in GVSU colors that they’re calling Navy inspired.
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