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  1. Not a fan of the USA jerseys. Should be wearing these imo.
  2. Even though it wouldn’t be realistic for most teams I wouldn’t mind Adidas coming out with NHL throwbacks with the Adidas Orginals logo
  3. https://justdon.com/ Here's a link to their store.
  4. Those are a collab with Just Don. They won't actually wear those in a game.
  5. I used to have a hat with the "foot" logo on it. it was always one of my favorite logos I wish they would bring it back I'm not the biggest fan of the C logo.
  6. Id prefer them to go back to this if they do an alternate
  7. High School Football season is underway lets see what uniforms your local teams are wearing.
  8. You can buy those http://m.eastbay.com/?uri=product&sku=AF0852&model=248784&cm=GLOBAL SEARCH: KEYWORD SEARCH
  9. Really bummed with the single silver stripe on the Colorado road looks really bland to me. Oh well still better then before.
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