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  1. Now if we can just play like we did in the original jerseys
  2. What the hell is wrong with the numbers
  3. Finnally my Avs go back to something they should have never changed
  4. If this is what they look like then I love them
  5. I wear one because I have contacts and getting poked in the eye with contacts in isn't the most comfortable thing.
  6. It's a custom mask by riddell. Specifily for Oregon but they said they might realese to the public some time.
  7. Ahh those are lovely looking alpha pros
  8. The unis aren't working for me, but the wordmark is verrry nice and the 'M' could make a good secondary. I'd like to see some more iterations of that. Unis are Very TCU... do like the M a lot. I like it but it needs yellow.
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