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  1. Warning...go to at your own risk. There are things there...hideous things...awful, unforgettable things that can never be unseen.

    Like this:


    Okay, this guy has a whole NFL set online and while the design style is not my thing, they're interesting to look at. "Out of the box" doesn't even begin to nail this guy's take:

    Oh, and here are the '14 Browns...


    Made ya look. ;-)

    I personally enjoy "Bills" going across the crotch... :Oo:

  2. Granted, three of the victims had losing records, but the Big East is 4-0 vs. SEC teams this season.

    Louisville beat Kentucky

    Rutgers beat Arkansas

    Syracuse beat Missouri

    Louisville beat Florida

    I expect these people to come out of their trailers and go all "SEC SEC SEC!!!" if Alabama beats Notre Dame.

    Maybe not Kentucky people, because basketball season is on.

    Seriously? I don't go around saying that California people are all dirty hippies, so you shouldn't generalize Southerners that way. From that statement, I can tell most people who live in mobile homes have more class than you.

    I swear more hate is spewed in this thread than the rest of the board combined.

  3. i saw a guy wearing a 47 brand university of alabama baseball cap today, with the classic logo from my childhood on the front.


    but for the life of me, i can't seem to find that hat anywhere on line...

    think anyone here can find a 47 brand hat in XXL with this logo on it? i don't care if it's black, white, grey, or crimson. just needs that logo on the front, and to fit my head.

    I have a Nike XL (I wear a 7 3/4) hat like this. They were on Nike's website for sale, but I don't see them anymore. I don't wear it I'd be willing to part with it since I have four or five Alabama hats I wear more regularly.

  4. Damn, I didn't expect Baylor to whalop SMU like that. SMU is not a bad football team. I thought there would be a huge drop off for the bears, but maybe not.

    Who needs RG3?

    Savannah State.

    Call me old school, but I love watching GT's option attack. When that offense is working right, it's just as pretty as watching the spread.

  5. So I was bit by the creative bug and made up a jersey. It's probably nothing special and is not even deserving to be posted on these forums with the great work done here. Basically, I saw an Xavier football concept and had an idea for that team but didn't really want to work with silver and blue - so I found another team with a sword in their logo and no football team - the East Tennessee State University Buccaneers. I took the Lions' numbers and basically have a sword going down the side, with a handle on the sleeve and the bottom of the sword going down the pants. The hard part was figuring out how the gloves could fit it in, so I did my best to design them so the sword would go straight down when the receivers lined up. I'm not an artist - just had an idea and tried my best to keep it clean.

    Your questions and comments are welcomed and I'm happy to try and make this idea better. I wasn't sure how exactly to handle the sleeves or the helmet. But without further ado, here are the Bucs.



  6. I think if you could make the side stripe look like a sword, the Xavier concept would look much better. I'm also not a major fan of the large logo wordmark look.

    For a first shot, this isn't too bad. Don't be afraid to think a bit outside the box.

  7. FCS playoffs will expand from 20 to 24 teams in 2013, three at-large bids and one automatic bid for the Pioneer League.

    That's a joke. The playoffs are getting way too watered down and if a Jacksonville, Drake, or Campbell ever make the playoffs they will get run out of town worse than the MEAC would (they have never won a playoff game, to my knowledge)

    That's because there hasn't been a Pioneer League team in the playoffs since the league's formation in 1991, ya blockhead.

    There have been teams from this league that have been passed over, like Jacksonville, San Diego and Dayton. They have been dying to get in and now they have a chance. That's all they been asking for. A chance to prove themselves against the best the FCS has to offer. Now, they have that chance.

    I was talking about the MEAC, of course the Pioneer League has never had a team in. The only Pioneer team I can remember that would have won a playoff game was the San Diego team (2006 maybe?) that was coached by Jim Harbaugh that featured Josh Johnson at QB. When the Pioneer League gets a team in, they'll just be a sacrificial lamb.