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  1. I know this is kind of a weird post, but does anyone know the story behind this Oregon practice jersey? If you click and open the high res picture if you look closely (especially on his right shoulder) you can see the outlines of the feathers printed within the stripe. Just a manufacturing error or what?


    If you read the story the photo was in, you would have seen they mentioned that several players were wearing jerseys with a new material that Nike is testing. This is nothing new really since there have been other photos and videos over the years of certain players wearing jerseys that were different from the rest, even some that looked like prototype Mach Speed and Hypercool jerseys.

    Exactly. Plenty of schools product test things for Nike. Recently, I can think of a few off the top of my head: Oregon State (original pro combat jerseys with flywire, Texas (Chain Maille Mesh jerseys), TCU (this year's cleats).

    Maybe was a proof or Error with Bemis Polyurethane