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  1. @Chandlerstrang I think it's wait and see at this point

  2. @emiliasisson https://t.co/O5iwoMC8b7

  3. @emiliasisson ehh, either should be good. Try it toasted next time.

  4. RT @BMcCarthy32: if one member of the motorcycle gang has to pee do they all stop or does he just have to catch back up?

  5. "but Eleazar stood his ground and struck down the Philistines till his hand grew tired and froze to the sword." 2 Samuel 23:10. FROZE!

  6. @jenny_wolf3 finally!

  7. @emiliasisson !!!!! https://t.co/7ceNe7L6Fh

  8. @emiliasisson https://t.co/gqsHlVBycc

  9. @nwblackmon uh Portland lost to RSL

  10. @KurtLarSUN studs into ankle is still a foul. Yellow at most though

  11. RT @JoeMande: "Make it look like I live in a Cheesecake Factory." - NBA players to their interior designers

  12. RT @Tiffaniebrunson: Happy 93 meetings day! Take heart that your March 31st is going better than Ron Swanson's. https://t.co/dDRAR6hD8X

  13. @thegoalkeeper is 7pm et the start time or TV time?

  14. @TylerHuckabee @BirdPlanePod please yes!

  15. Winter has met its death.

  16. @fuboTV your service on roku has been terrible tonight

  17. RT @kerihw: -The name's Bond. James Bond. -I've written Bond now. -Oh. Can you change it or is it too late? -When your coffee's ready they'…

  18. @JeremyMDoan I had no knowledge of comics outside the movies when I started listening. It feels accessible without sounding dumbed-down

  19. @ChelseaStats What size is that polo?

  20. RT @verge: Happy Friday, here is a baboon freaking out over a magic trick https://t.co/HJngvqRlfc https://t.co/vdMtswAeJr

  21. @OrlandoCitySC Redding

  22. @BrianSciaretta Does that get Brooks, Yedlin to the Olympic qualifiers?

  23. I used to think you could get pink eye from looking at someone with pink eye #DontJudgeMe

  24. @ArnoldcommaJon consumer report?

  25. @StumptownFooty Valentin has been terrible

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