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  1. Here's what's going to happen, Sparky. If the Seattle NHL Franchise announces a name/logo package that's not any of these, I'm going to get disproportionately upset. Love the plaid jersey.

  2. First, I love this concept and the execution thusfar has been almost flawless.


    However, looking back through the set, the Browns Gal doesnt seem to fit with the rest. The other pics are all very cheesecake-y, where the Browns, for whatever reason, doesnt seem to fit that aesthetic. I'm not sure how one makes a chubby elf more like a pin-up. Maybe revise it to make her less Brownie and more Dawg Pound? Maybe just ditch the elf features and have a gal in the brownie pose?


    really, its probably nit-picking, but just my two cents. Look forward to the rest of the series.

  3. I've watched this thread for a bit and I think my issue is, that minus the V, the volcano logo doesn't really stand on its own. The only real parallel i can draw here is the Colorado Rockies mountain logo. Absent of any type, the logo is instantly clear. Looking to Google Images a bit, I think any Volcano logo would need more contouring on the slopes to create 3-dimensionality and a more active cone.

  4. 13 hours ago, scottyeagle said:

    Back at it, here's an update.  A more jagged, angular Ohio in the negative space, and the star is gone.  I also thinned up the C as it was looking pretty fat with these changes. 



    Alternatively, because I'm not sure how I feel about the rigid blockiness of the above logo: 


    I think I'm actually leaning towards #2.  So chew on those a little bit and let me know what you think.

    They're both pretty good, but I think I'm still leaning to #1. I wonder if there's not a way to make the Ohio negative space even a bit more subtle than it already is? And I'd like to see it with the ascending serif like CLE uses on the current block C.


    13 hours ago, EvilChameleon said:

    I always thought about including elements of Ohio, like the triangle flag and state outline into possible new logos/team names, but we aren't the only MLB team in Ohio, so...

    False. Cincinnati is in Kentucky.

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