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  1. I was trying to go with the striping from the heritage classic jersey with that newer logo and something got mixed up. Soon as I put the whole leauge up I'll go back and fix some jerseys .. I also forgot yesterdays jersey so here is 2 of them today



  2. So I haven`t posted in a while but I did a whole series of NHL jerseys on the Nike Olympic template. Everyday I`ll post up a new one in order. First off today..the Ducks


    For the Ducks I brought back the mask logo for all on the same striping template as the current jerseys. For the 3rd jersey I used the old colorway with the modern striping.

  3. Yeh these look great, can i get a Bruins so i can put it as an avatar?

    I'm going to make them all in to avatars. I'm thinking on retooling the colors on a few of them and bring back the 3D effect to them as well