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  1. On 9/30/2018 at 3:57 PM, seasaltvanilla said:

    I think it's partly personal preference as well.


    The Lions' all gray look is horrendous.

    Nope. I think the Lions all grey looks great. I'd put a blue stripe down the pants but it still looks good and fresh. The redesign as a whole is outstanding. 

    They join Miami, Minnesota, and Seattle as very well done redesigns imo.

  2. temp081315redskins19--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Greater_than_symbol.jpgmitchell-schwartz-nfl-preseason-clevelan

    Actually, I was surprised how good the new orange looked last night. On print it looked safety cone-ish, but in HD, at night, with the matte-ish finish, it looked good. I was waiting to see the unis on the field before I made up my mind, and I think these look right. Besides the pant word stripe, these uniforms, at least the white on white, have a very simple, straightforward look to them. Comparing to other recent redesigns, these are much more Dolphins or Vikings, then Jaguars or Buccaneers. The shoulder stripes on these look especially better than the old ones, imo. It gives them a harder, fiercer look. The drop shadow numbers are barely noticeable on TV. I could take or leave the Browns on the pants. At least from the standard wide TV view, it appears like a broken brown stripe down the leg, like I figured it would.




  3. 1 to 32 for me along with the throwbacks. Browns get an * because I haven't seen them on the field yet.

    1. Seahawks

    2. Packers

    3. Cowboys

    4. 49ers

    5. Dolphins

    6. Steelers

    7. Chargers

    8. Broncos

    9. Jets

    10. Giants

    11. Colts

    12. Vikings

    13. Raiders

    14. Ravens

    15. Redskins

    16. Texans

    17. Rams

    18. Patriots

    19. Saints

    20. Jaguars

    21. Bears

    22. Browns*

    23. Titans

    24. Lions

    25. Panthers

    26. Bills

    27. Eagles

    28. Cardinals

    29. Bengals

    30. Falcons

    31. Chiefs

    32. Bucs

    Best NFL Throwbacks

    1. Cowboys

    2. Packers

    3. Broncos

    4. Eagles

    5. Steelers

    6. Jets

    7. Bears

    8. Colts

    9. Redskins

    10. Lions

  4. I like the mane too on this one, but not on top of the head. This look here..

    Alright, it is starting to get there. Still not in love with the mane, but I think it's the best one so far.


    ..with more of the below mane top..

    Hey, sorry for the delay. I think i made pretty positive tweaks to the face and nose. Definitely less "bear-ish".

    Still trying to get the eyes and the mane right. Let me know what you think.


    ..I think would look the best. A nice, regal look up top to go along with the more natural mane you made on the bottom.

  5. To answer the first question, I like the idea behind Seattle's uniform, but I really don't like the execution. Though sharing the same colors, the jerseys and pants have always seemed disconnected in design. The tribal-art stripe down the pants doesn't really seem to go with anything but the faint design on the helmet and numbers, and even then you're never going to catch that detail at a distance. It almost appears as if there were different directions they wanted to take the uniforms, but couldn't decide which, so they took the jersey from one concept and the pants from another. It just doesn't flow well as a whole to me.

    And I also liked the slate blue a whole lot better. I know the consensus here seems to that it was too dreary a color, but I really don't think it was that dreary at all (then again, I'm the kinda guy that is a sucker for rainy days and darker, faded colors for some reason, so take that as you may). I thought the blue fit the northwest region and the Pacific Ocean ties extremely well.

    Anyways, as far as the 2nd question, my top five would probably be (in no particular order):

    - Colts

    - Packers

    - Chiefs

    - Panthers

    - Giants

    The previous Bucs set used to always be in my top five, though. It's a shame that it was tragically set aflame and is no longer with us.

    I think the shoulder design arrangement on the Seahawks also mimics the leg pattern. At least that's how I read it.

    Initially I didn't know what was going on with the Seahawks uniforms, but once seeing them on the field, I thought they looked great. I recall feeling the same about the Broncos in 97'.

    My top 5.

    1. Seahawks

    2. Cowboys thanksgiving alternates

    3. Dolphins white on white

    4. Broncos blue monochrome

    5. Chargers powder blues

    * 6. Early era throwbacks, including the Steelers' bumble bee, the Broncos' mud circus, Eagles' ice cream and Packers' soda pop.

    My bottom 5.

    1. Chiefs

    2. Panthers

    3. Bucs

    4. Bengals

    5. Falcons

  6. I think it's time to stop letting Nike redesign NFL uniforms. The Vikings and Dolphins are the only ones I would call acceptable and even they have some flaws.

    I would go as far as saying the Vikings are the only acceptable redesign.

    Does no one here like the Seahawks uniforms?

    Just for my own curiosity, what are your/anyone on here's, top 5 NFL uniforms then?

  7. I'm sure a lot of us will probably want to post out quick fixes... here's mine....

    White numbers on the brown jersey, stripes on the socks, and (obviously, most importantly) losing the pants lettering. Plus only 7 possible combos. Leave the mono looks for Bowling Green.


    Soooo boring.

  8. Just for fun. My two brown/brown concepts vs the actual.


    I'm still a little shocked that I don't hate the new uniforms. *insert joke.* They ended up better than I'd anticipated, even from the leaks. I'm actually fairly impressed. I was absolutely expecting another Bucs look. I'll still reserve final judgement until I actually see them on the field.

    The only primary things I don't like are the traffic cone orange primary color and the drop shadow. Initially I thought the jersey wordmark was too big but I don't think it looks right in the fixed smaller versions posted by Bucksfan.

    As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I don't mind and actually like the wordmark on the pants. I was going for something similarly modern with the front stripe on the pants. They're initially a little garish, a bit of attention whoring, but the name is the logo. And I imagine from a distance it reads more like a broken stripe of brown or orange. Especially so when it's on the move instead of static as it's presented here.

  9. The pants are my favorite part.

    Browns don't have a logo so instead used their wordmark. I'm fine with that.

    It's interesting; I assume most in here are graphic oriented. I'm a visual artist, mostly paint, but often other mediums. I don't know if that's the difference or not, but I like seeing them do something different.

    Nope. It's been pointed out that we have many artists and graphic designers here who see the value in tradition. Being a "visual artist" isn't the reason you like these.

    And no, not everyone here is "graphic oriented." I haven't taken an art class since high school and every single concept I've made has been done in MS Paint.

    The whole mentality just comes off as smug. If you like the new look, cool. All the power to you. It's not because you're an artist though. Not only has the premise been proven false but the premise itself reeks of an undeserved sense of superiority. "No wonder the rabble doesn't like it. They aren't artistic like I am."

    Fair enough. I'm not really familiar with these boards enough to know who's all here and it's presumptuous of me speculate.

    So I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, I'm much more about capturing a good feel in a look than having things appropriately spaced, colored and aligned. I absolutely think that's why I dig the pants where the majority here despises them.

    Sure, there's more to it, such as cultural background, age, so forth, but in my short time lurking and posting here, I've seen plenty a design ripped apart for not being arranged accordingly by the numbers.

    Where it seems like most think the pants are the anchor, I think they're just different and bold enough to elevate the whole thing into something really unique for a pro uniform and appropriate for the only NFL squad without a true logo.

  10. The pants are my favorite part.

    Browns don't have a logo so instead used their wordmark. I'm fine with that.

    It's interesting; I assume most in here are graphic oriented. I'm a visual artist, mostly paint, but often other mediums. I don't know if that's the difference or not, but I like seeing them do something different.

  11. Wow. I didn't even realize this thread existed.

    From a poster on a football forum....

    I'm looking at the Brown jersey right now. It's sweet. The numbers and lettering are orange with white shadowing around them. The shoulder stripes are in the same position as the as the ones on the orange one, except the stripe is orange-white-orange. The stitching coming diagonally from the neck to the arm pit is also orange, as well as the stitching down the sides These are badass. I would love to post a picture, but I promised my buddy I wouldn't because he doesn't want to get fired for the leak. Don't care if you believe me now, you will see for yourself tomorrow night. Not as dark as the previous 1994 era jerseys, just a good solid brown. Brown is the better of the three colors from what I have seen. Edit: Orange Cleveland on the front as well, same font as on the white and orange.

  12. I'd strongly suggest fixing the sleeve stripes. You don't want to have the exact same striping pattern on all the jerseys, especially on your brown set. The primary color of your stripe does not need to match the primary color of your jersey. It makes it impossible to see and look like it doesn't match the rest of the set.

    Yeah. When I did that I actually liked the look of the thin white piping but recognized it didn't match up with the rest. It reminded me of the UConn football uniforms. Perhaps if I used the same thin white striping on the orange uniform, and even maby incorporated a thin orange trim around the numbers and leg striping, similar to the UConn uni, it would all sinc up better.


  13. You need to add more orange to the jersey and pants. It looks more like practice gear than a gameday uniform.

    Interesting point. Kinda agree. What's funny is I've always liked the striped down practice stuff more.