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  1. Greetings again. Last and final update of this concept with a new presentation. Decided on a brown fask mask. Brought a hint of white into the home brown on brown by using the Nike trademarks and chest team name. The pants stripes aren't that disimilar to the Bengals and Broncos above the knee stripes. It's just the rest of the stripe is omitted here for a more austere look that matches the helmet stripe. They kind of remind me of car parking lights. The shoulder stripes morph into a ear shape around the back. It makes me think of elf or dog ears. I think this concept is basically badass with a wee bit of fun. It's modern without going too far. I dare the new uniforms to look as good. The real new uniforms come out in about 2 months. Till then, share your thoughts. Don't worry about offending me (impossible), I'll like to here what the final verdict on these are from this board.
  2. ...even better! *Simpsons burglar voice*
  3. First, I wish your design was bigger. I'm not a fan of your new star. The current, darker one looks much better, imo. The rest I like. I think a different color for the star over the nameplate for the two blue versions of jersey would look better. Perhaps silver for the light blue and white for the darker blue. I think if I remade the Cowboys I'd go with the white alternate helmet as their full time helmet and use the current star. That helmet would go splendidly with your uniforms.
  4. This is really weird. But that makes it kind of interesting. I think you could lose the claw all together and still get exactly what you were going for. On the update, the claw looks more like another smaller head than a claw. I think if you drop the claw all together and somehow refine the bird head it would look pretty cool.
  5. It' all a big bowl of bleh. Just not exciting enough for me. The updates are even more boring. On the first versions, my first thought was, that's a big collar, ...but it was interesting. I do believe numbers on the top of the shoulders is required in the NFL though and that collar would make it tough to put any there. I like classic looks but this isn't quite there and on the other end, not enough of a drastic change.
  6. Ok, so comments on my original were primarily about consistency, unity. Here's a more unified variation. But imo somehow less interesting.
  7. Looks like the Florida uniforms with brown instead of blue. Very, very bleh.
  8. I loathe the different color trim around the numbering look on most football jerseys. I guess it works sometimes. It's not as bad as the drop shadow look. I've noticed some NFL teams that aren't using trim still use subtle black outline to make the color pop more. Something similar could be done to the brown numbers here on the alternate to make it pop better. The actual team brown is probably a little darker than what I'm using; it looks basically black on TV.
  9. I like: The orange on brown numbers. Doing away with striping on the shoulders. The way the elf is hidden in that orange stripe. I don't like: I think the OSU striped helmet might be a little too much of a change from the traditional. It's chrome. The beige. The elf.
  10. Alternate Unifrom 2nd set. That's it. 6 sets in all. I'll do some edits next based off comments on here.
  11. I will definitely try a brown facemask with these. The Browns originally had a single white helmet stripe so it's not altering things as much as bringing something back. I did first repeat the helmet stripe in the pants when I started. I experimented with a lot of different pant stripe designs before I found the frontside wrap stripe that I liked. Here's a few earlier, more standard ideas. Also @ BrandMooreArt. The width of the mostly front pant stripe matching the width of the helmet stripe is enough of the same element to me without having to add the thin brown stripes to make it exactly identical. It's similar to the wide grey stripes on the front of the Seahawks jerseys roughly matching the wide grey stripe encircling the helmet. That said, I will do some mock ups where I bring that helmet stripe through to see how it looks. Also, that Vikings like, swooping shape on the shoulder is supposed to represent ears pinned back. As in dog ears. Maby I need to curve the tip more to represent that better.
  12. I hear you guys, and I'll try some with more repetition of the elements. Although, I must mention, the NFL's best uniforms right now use different striping on each part of the uniform. (Seahawks )
  13. All the sets are already finished. This isn't in response to your reply. I just didn't want to drop them all at once. But I like your feedback. I'd argue what makes it the Browns are the colors and especially the helmet. The helmet is really the identfying thing about the Browns. The uniform is kind of just collateral. So I wanted something modern but also simple; bare bones. About it being disjointed or not cohesive... I don't mind something that accentuates the helmet stripe or makes it stand out. There likely would be a little more white in there as many players wear short white socks over the colored. But for presentation I wanted only the full brown sock shown. As far as it not looking like a uniform...The first home set ended up looking like a cross between WVU's uniforms and the aforementioned ND one offs. Which I think are both really beautiful uniforms.
  14. Ready to test. Stayed with the orange facemask. The grey masks are basically meant to be invisible unless the same color grey is incorporated into the uniform. And I went away from any grey trimming to match the masks. I felt the orange is just much bolder. The pant striping is based off Under Armor's Shamrock series Notre Dame uniforms. It's a unique pant design and I think it fits. I've been looking for a different type of pant striping then the norm. My intial design had a triangle meant to look something like a dog canine, starting on the side of the jersey and ending down the pant leg. I loved it but it apparently wasn't liked all that much. These stripes here are subtle but really stand out on the field. To see what this pant design looks like on the field, check out: http://youtu.be/tEgYzjvrtvw I don't want to say too much, I'd rather hear how these designs are interpreted without any reasoning first. So feel free to give your thoughts, good or bad, long or short, or any changes you'd like to see. I've got 6 sets in all. Without further ado.... The home uniforms:
  15. I believe this is close to the rumored orange. My process? Photoshop is an incredible program. I'm basicaly just creating a collage. A lot of experimention, trial and error. It would be a long boring video. I've been retooling the uniform designs and I'm about 90% done. I'll post when I get it.
  16. Really like these. I've been prowling through older pages and these are the best I've seen from anyone. The updates are great. But put the star back on the helmet. That was a really nice and unique look with it dead center.
  17. Something about the Brown/brown that I like. A single white stripe down the leg would look good. Your Brown color is off though. Looks too greenish. The Cowboys current uniforms are nigh untouchable. They're pretty much perfect.