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  1. My god... do NOT read the comments section of that youtube video (that should be a hard and fast rule anyway, but yeah). Dudes with My Little Pony avatars are trying to dish out branding advice. Anything would have been an improvement over what they had before, and I like this more than I did initially now that I see the d and A. That old mascot-whatever-the-hell-it-is-thing reminds me that DeviantArt is mostly a cesspool of weird fanfiction and gaudy anime vectors. This new logo is a step in the right direction.

    "a cesspool of weird fanfiction and gaudy anime vectors"

    ahahaha... could not have said it better myself

  2. The previous logo wasn't good by any stretch, but this version is terrible with a capital T. The background looks more like a nondescript blob than a pizza.

    I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be evoking sauce being spread on dough. It's the first (and only) thing I saw.

    First thing I saw too, I worked there for almost 4 years in high school and that'd genuinely what a base looks like after its been sauced and before toppings have been added. But of course customers never see this so it won't click for most.

    I wonderived how long till this gets implemented in Australia.

    pizza sauce is the first thing i saw.... though in australia i dont think the "hut" even exists anymore.

    Its not an amazing job but its a nice simplification of the current logo, familiar enough but clean

  3. bd4e69ed8f.png

    thought id share my pitch for the fantasy league over on icethetics, Hawaii honu (sea turtles). done a bit of tweaking since i posted it on dribble (mostly changes to curves and line weights), pretty happy with how it ended up. the turtles natural texture had a cracked magma feel to me, which i think ties in with the Hawaiian theme. I chose this particular colour scheme to emphasize that and go with something wasn't just your typical blue and green approach. The word mark i decided to keep simple and modern again shying away from the cliche tropical look.

    any last suggestions before i turn it in?

    I'm also looking for ideas for a secondary logo, so far volcano is at the top of my list but ideas would be great

  4. the mark fits well, but so far have not been a fan of any of the typography. The closest you have come i think is maybe the script, but it still feels off. The Moderna is just far too much, especially with the extra hand motif.

    my suggestion would be to go simple on the type, maybe make it solid black instead the stroked type you have now. keep the focus on all the good work you have done on the mark.

    I've used cubano here as an example


  5. 6LRsS.png6LRth.png

    hey guys, just finished up another project, its for a service called vet voice, essentially a resource for vet students and professionals to stay up to date in their field. i designed a logo and subsequent identity. ill post the logos but if your interested in seeing the rest of the package you can visit this behance link

    c&c always welcome

  6. that sir is a symbolic logo or BRANDMARK/ LOGOMARK

    technically a pictogram i guess, but it conveys an entire brand rather than a single meaning

    logotypes are the same as wordmarks and this is not one of them, and yes monograms or lettermarks generally use letters

    on a side note... where do you study? ecu or curtin? or tafe?

  7. I think the font is good. I like it, but one thing that bugs me is that the logo is "backwards". The most important letter in the logo is the S, because the company will be called Starboard for short and the other words in the name are just sort of filler words: goods distributors shipping moving package freight delivery system company limited blah blah blah. The S is the most important letter, but it's half missing in the logo.

    this is the most accurate feedback, everything about your logo focuses on the D (colour, size, the fact that you put points on it). which is another thing that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. the word starboard (as far as i know) doesn't have anything to do with a star or a D for that matter. if anything it represents something closer to the guiding star wich lucky for you is still nautical related.

    don't try and jam to many nautical references (none of which so far directly relate to the term starboard) into a single logo. telling us you "chose to incorporate as many things as I could", in itself raises a few red flags. the lighthouse idea is quite strong by itself and i really like the idea of everything sitting to the right of the D. so id say run with that and drop the star, or do the opposite and drop the lighthouse idea. id suggest reducing the visual focus on the "D" by removing the points and colour, just simplify the whole thing.

    as for your type you have a bit to learn, but either stick with the same type that gave you "SGD" letterforms or another simple sans-serif. you might even be able to find a suitable serif that fits a nautical and counters the heavy letterforms but that might be a push

    its good work but i think it could benefit from some simplicity

    good luck

  8. Wrong thread ..should be concepts

    theres no concept here, just a wishlist on upcoming rebrand

    A name change.

    i heard name wasnt changing, but maybe they could go with a bird instead of a dinosaur

    and does anybody know why "raptors" was chosen in the first place, does it have any significance?

  9. ^- Can't unsee it once it's mentioned.

    Good looking logo and font set. I feel it might be a bit stronger of a design if it had stronger shapes/simplicity going on, like can be seen with the Boston Patriots logo... But that's more a preference, not an absolute necessity.

    Will be interested to see the rest of this concept... and an old artillery gun would work for the secondary, but for the Colonials wouldn't something like the musket/rifle/whatever-exact-firearm they used make a little more sense? At least, when I think of the term Colonials I think something like Minutemen travelling light and quick with rifles, pistols, horses and not much else.

    ...maybe a crossed set of simplified flintlock pistols? ...over some sort of a B design?

    yeh i like the idea of some crossed flntlocks

  10. The 'C' and the 'S' is driving me crazy. The'C' has a diagonal end, while the 'S' is straight across. Fixing one of the two would help greatly, unless that is, there is a very good reason behind it.

    And another thing, what would it look like if the logo was facing the right rather than the left?

    i noticed this shortly after i posted. i angled the "S" down