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  1. These are great man! My only suggestions, take them or leave them, would be: Make Michigan State's helmet green, just reverse the helmet colors. I can't tell, but I think you have a gold trim with their uniforms, add that as maybe an outline on the helmet. OU is perfect to me how you did it, same with Bama. Clemson just to play with it I would drop the helmet stripe because it doesn't match the tiger print on the jersey. I'm not sure how that would clash with the solid white pants however, since white on the jersey is tiger print, but white on the pants is just white. Maybe try making the white tiger print on the jerseys the blue alternate color they use. But overall you did amazing, just figured I'd throw some stuff out there.

  2. The Cardinals is the only logo that you have improved at all. The panther looks like a pitbull and the viking looks like something from the muppets.

    I agree 100%. Cardinals looks good, maybe minus the beak color. Panthers looks like a pitbull/snake mutation. I see a muppet when I see the Vikings logo.

  3. Great presentation, but I hate the away jerseys. My ultimate hatred of concepts is anytime the shoulders have that style, for example the Titans, Cardinals, Bucs (I think) all have this, and it looks terrible so nothing personally against you.

  4. Patriots and Dolphins, yes very good work. Bills I think have a great current uniform and I wouldn't touch them. Jets is cool minus the logo. The jet facing down looks odd, especially from afar on the helmet, makes it look like a pot leaf or something. But nice work.

  5. I really like it. Not a hockey fan at all, but I see what is going on here. The problem for me was I noticed the obvious hurricane is the C, and then the Hurricane flag is those symbols and noticed the hidden "H" for hurricanes which is awesome, but then I focus more on the squares of the flag and it just looks odd being surrounded by the curved C. I really like what you did though, good imagination.

  6. HoopsKid, thank you for being a poster who actually takes criticism in a positive way, the changes you have made have made these uniforms amazing! Great work, you should submit them to the Hawks.