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  1. To me, the main reason why I voted for this concept in the first place was mostly based on the Away kit, those sublimated spots are just awesome. The color scheme is great of course, and there was no way I could allow such a well executed kit to wallow in the Round of 16. I suppose I will try to add some critique here as well.

    For the Home kit, the main problem I had with it is that it didn't seem like the waves translated well as a sash and that dark. They don't appear to have enough to them to be the center of attention and the numbers look off on them, maybe sublimated and in one of the corners would work better. I would also like to see how the wave moves onto the right side of the socks, whether it wraps around or is mirrored.

    Finally for the crest, I like most of it aside from the eagle. The golden eagle of course is the major part of the Mexican crest identity and it is a beautiful animal, which is lost with its lack of detail in the crest. I would focus on adding more detail, even at the expense of simplicity, including eyes and adding more to the beak.

    This picture I think would be a great reference point, with the ridged feathers on the back of the head being a major striking feature as well.


  2. Yeah, I could see Nashua being second division, but glad to hear it being represented.

    As for Manchester, I could tell that the long name was intentional, but it was tough for me to think of how to make it longer. Grammatically, "of the New Hampshirite Manchester" is the part that doesn't work. New Hampshirite is always a noun as far as I know so it wouldn't fit in front of Manchester in the name. Maybe "Sporting Football Club of Manchester, New Hampshire" with or without the comma for aesthetic purposes would work still. Even then I think it doesn't sound too prestigious as you have alluded to, but I'll keep thinking if that doesn't work.

  3. For Mexico, that crest is pretty damn awesome and the kits seem on point for me. The pattern in the gradient stripe is an amazing touch, would look great in real life.

    As for Costa Rica, the home kit instantly reminded me of Chile, although the details obviously prove otherwise. The clash kit is very interesting and a nice change from just being a reverse of the home kit as a lot of smaller footballing nations do, especially with the sublimated pattern. I also like how it is Juve inspired, and in turn looks like Collingwood of the AFL. The yellow of the sun in the crest is the only part that throws me off, it seems more like it is meant to connect it with the CONCACAF logo rather than being a call to the current crest.

  4. I personally love the idea of having an all red away kit with the darker hoops, subtle yet keeps it new. I also wouldn't be complaining about kits inspired by the Bomb Pop or the Red and White hooped, a couple of my more favored ones for the US recently.

    As for the home, I've never been much for solid white since I lean towards more pattern-oriented kits, but for the sake of tradition I always concede that one. Perhaps you could try making the sleeves all navy as a sort of reverse of the 2012 away jerseys just to try something different, but only if it appeals to you since that is simply a personal preference point rather than anything technical.

    Finally for the crest, I like the idea of having the USSF instead and having it closer to the centennial shield. My one complaint of the whole concept is that the flying ball seems disconnected from the stripes behind it, as opposed to the current crest where the white around the ball partially obscures part of "US" but makes it seem more like it is within the crest rather than simply looking like it is on top of it. Can't picture how to fix it myself, but just a thing I noticed.

    Overall a very good concept though, I would buy the away kit in a heartbeat.

  5. Living in New England for most of my life, specifically Nashua NH now (would be a good team I think as well), I think this will be awesome to watch unfold. That Manchester color scheme is very nice, would just recommend changing the text on the crest since it doesn't work grammatically. Perhaps just Sporting Club of New Hampshire in the style of Sporting Clube de Portugal/Sporting Lisbon?