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  1. The change/away kit is really classy, and a lot better than what Sweden currently wear. I would consider extending the cross design on the home kit to the other sleeve, to provide some balance, but other than that this set looks great!

  2. 4 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    First look at the ball for next summer's World Cup:


    I know the Adidas' Telstar name is recycled, but sharing the name of the U.S./NASA produced satellite doesn't seem to work for a Russian World Cup.

  3. 1 hour ago, KDubK414 said:

    Good or Bad, anything to add?


    I would try to incorporate more elements of the place itself into your design. Pick colors and fonts that reflect the area the most, and a uniform font would probably improve the overall design as well. Simplicity is always a good starting point, so I don't think you're far off, however adding just a few unique elements would help a lot. (Side note: I really like the slogan, it works well.)

  4. I disagree that the body has to be facing sideways to make this logo work (see: Great Seal of the U.S.). However, I would play with the head a little more to have a smoother transition from the body, and I would try to streamline the claws and ball.

  5. 42 minutes ago, Casablanca said:

    For those of you who prefer the classic logo I made a version of that too. I rounded it off to look less abrupt and more like an Igloo.5934344839971_Rtro.png.e3fb08b2bdc2ee4f80bc14f61cfe1396.png



    I like this a lot. Good work!

  6. On June 2, 2017 at 9:58 AM, tonycasas said:

    Ahoy there! My name is Tony and I am the designer responsible for the official campaign design for the Beto for Texas campaign (logo, site, pins, stickers, etc). I stumbled across this forum and loved that you went out of your way to create stuff like this! I wanted to encourage you and anyone else who supports Beto to keep up the efforts! This is good stuff!


    That means a lot, thanks!

  7. The French (Especially the recoloring of the PSG badge to the 'right' color) and Italian teams look fantastic! Just the touch of modernity towards otherwise classic designs - the way it should be.


  8. 24 minutes ago, Zeus89725 said:

    I know this is Texas, but the Democrats usually don't use this kind of "tough guy" font. On its own, this works great, but for a Democrat, I'd use a softer, friendlier font.


    I completely understand if you don't want to, though. This is pretty good as is.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I sort of get what you're saying with Dems picking softer fonts, and colors, but I feel like LHFfullblock is in the same family as Clinton's "Stronger Together" logo and Obama's 2012 campaign logo. However, if you find a specific font that you think works better I am all ears.

  9. I changed up the font to LHFfullblock because I wanted something more Texas-y, and the mismatched font wasn't doing me any favors. I also recolored the 'individual state' designs so different themes could be tailored to them (Democratic Party and Texas flag).




  10. 18 minutes ago, Zeus89725 said:

    Much better.


    As a logo, it doesn't work well without the pattern behind it. With most recent campaign logos, (Hillary, Bernie, etc.) there's a versatility where they can go on most backgrounds, and still work on their own. This doesn't have that.


    It's a fair design, but that's my one nitpick. I'm not sure how to fix it, though.

    Appreciate the comment. Yeah, I agree that, right now, it doesn't stand by its self well. I was thinking of maybe having the shape of Texas itself be able to assume different backgrounds, sort of like Hillary's "H", if that helps.

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