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  1. 5 minutes ago, bhholloway said:

    I love the cream alternate, but how does it look with the logo having a different color (cream?) stick? I just think the red makes it look off.

    I was just looking back at it and thought the same thing. How about this?


  2. So I had an idea in a history lecture to make an egyptian themed hockey logo and uniform set. I put the team in Las Vegas but the concept isn't really about the expansion. The logo is a representation of the Egyptian god of the sun "Ra". The name of the team is the Las Vegas Gods.


    C&C Appreciated!!

  3. Ol6qFLN.jpg


    So for the Blue Jackets, I cleaned up the look of the name on the back and found a better, more visible font for the numbers on the back.

    I also went ahead and made a set for the Penguins as well. Its their jersey from the seventies with the older baby blue colors and a "vintage white" base.

    Feedback is always appreciated, especially for the new Penguins set.

  4. It looks good, but here are some suggestions:

    - Make a fauxback look for the Jackets kinda like the Caps were this year

    - if you want to go the whole "Ohio v. Michigan" rivalry that the NHL is forcing down the teams' throats, you should make the other patch be the state outline or something symbolic to each state

    -Lastly, change the teams. I don't feel that either team has an outright rivalry with one another. Make it Pittsburgh, because a lot of Ohio teams have rivalries with Pittsburgh (and as a Jackets fan I want to see Sindey get beat on national television)

    The state patch idea is great and when I started thinking about what team i wanted CBJ to play it was between detroit and pittsburgh. I wouldn't mind making another jersey to add to the two I've got up there. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. I know the 2016 Winter Classic hasn't even happened yet, but as a student from Ohio State, I always thought it would be a cool idea to host a Winter Classic in the future. The two teams playing are the Blue Jackets and Red Wings (Ohio State - Michigan). I drew up a logo and two jerseys to go with it.

    Let me know what you think!


  6. Interesting. Could use some more blue imo

    The 3 stars above the Weagle would look better if they were curved like the Washington script above. That way, you wouldn't need to hide parts of the left and right stars behind the wings.

    I agree with the stars being curved. It would help to balance out the design shape and remove the option of hiding the stars just to fit.

    I would like to see more blue incorporated into the design, however. I can see the design is very much inspired by the DC flag and compliments the Winter Classic uniform. Maybe add some blue pants with white stars down the side like their original set from the 70s-early 90s? This is a great start, though, and it looks just about done.


    I changed the stars on the Weagle so you could see all three while keeping them in a line to keep the image of the DC flag.

    I also added blue stripes to add more color to the uniforms and changed the size of the shoulder patches because they seemed too big imo.

  7. ZZZzKJC.jpg



    I was inspired to try and create a new logo for the Capitals when the Wizards announced they were switching to the roundel logo for the playoffs and future seasons. Seeing that the Nationals also follow this theme for their logo, I wanted to see how the Caps would looks with new logos.


    - The stars on the arm are three in a row

    - The collar has "Rock The Red" on the inside

    Let me know what you think!